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2022 Property Purchase Muhurats

Any real estate property (a house, a building plot, or a piece of agricultural land) is of immense importance and usefulness, especially in today's increasingly materialistic world. Hence, purchase of any real estate property should be made at an auspicious and beneficial point of time, represented by a time-duration on a particular date. Such a point of time is called as a shubh muhurat for property purchase. The 2022 property purchase muhurats are listed below, to help Indians located all across the country. These highly auspicious dates are calculated using Hindu Lunisolar calendar, which is quite popular amid the bulk of Indian population. Muhurats lasting for less than four hours are not listed in the tables below.

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Any of these property purchase muhurats 2022 can be seen as being suitable especially for registering a property in one's name. Again, in light of the given shubh muhurats 2022 for property purchasing, the most securing and promising muhurat for any particular purchaser can be determined using the his/her birth horoscope and location of the property.

Property Purchase Muhurat Dates Property Purchase Muhurat Timing
07-Jan07:15 AM to 06:20 AM, Jan 08
14-Jan08:18 PM to 07:15 AM, Jan 15
20-Jan07:14 AM to 07:14 AM, Jan 21
21-Jan07:14 AM to 07:14 AM, Jan 22
27-Jan07:12 AM to 07:10 AM, Jan 28
03-Feb04:35 PM to 07:08 AM, Feb 04
04-Feb07:08 AM to 03:58 PM
11-Feb07:03 AM to 06:38 AM, Feb 12
17-Feb06:58 AM to 06:57 AM, Feb 18
18-Feb06:57 AM to 04:42 PM
24-Feb06:52 AM to 01:31 PM
25-Feb12:07 PM to 06:50 AM, Feb 26
03-Mar06:44 AM to 01:56 AM, Mar 04
04-Mar01:52 AM to 06:42 AM, Mar 05
10-Mar11:30 AM to 06:36 AM, Mar 11
11-Mar06:36 AM to 02:36 PM
17-Mar06:29 AM to 12:34 AM, Mar 18
24-Mar05:30 PM to 06:20 AM, Mar 25
25-Mar06:20 AM to 06:18 AM, Mar 26
31-Mar06:13 AM to 10:31 AM
01-Apr10:40 AM to 06:10 AM, Apr 02
07-Apr06:05 AM to 10:42 PM
08-Apr01:43 AM to 06:02 AM, Apr 09
21-Apr05:50 AM to 05:49 AM, Apr 22
22-Apr05:49 AM to 08:14 PM
28-Apr05:40 PM to 05:42 AM, Apr 29
29-Apr05:42 AM to 06:43 PM
06-May09:20 AM to 05:36 AM, May 07
19-May05:28 AM to 03:17 AM, May 20
26-May05:25 AM to 12:39 AM, May 27
02-Jun04:04 PM to 05:23 AM, Jun 03
03-Jun05:23 AM to 07:05 PM
16-Jun05:23 AM to 12:37 PM
30-Jun05:26 AM to 01:07 AM, Jul 01
29-Jul09:47 AM to 05:41 AM, Jul 30
05-Aug06:37 PM to 05:45 AM, Aug 06
25-Aug04:16 PM to 05:56 AM, Aug 26
26-Aug05:56 AM to 05:56 AM, Aug 27
01-Sep12:12 AM to 05:59 AM, Sep 02
02-Sep05:59 AM to 06:00 AM, Sep 03
22-Sep06:09 AM to 06:10 AM, Sep 23
23-Sep06:10 AM to 06:10 AM, Sep 24
29-Sep06:13 AM to 06:13 AM, Sep 30
30-Sep06:13 AM to 04:19 AM, Oct 01
07-Oct06:17 PM to 05:24 AM, Oct 08
14-Oct08:47 PM to 06:22 AM, Oct 15
20-Oct06:25 AM to 06:25 AM, Oct 21
21-Oct06:25 AM to 06:26 AM, Oct 22
27-Oct06:29 AM to 06:30 AM, Oct 28
28-Oct06:30 AM to 10:42 AM
03-Nov12:49 AM to 06:35 AM, Nov 04
04-Nov06:35 AM to 12:12 AM, Nov 05
11-Nov06:40 AM to 06:41 AM, Nov 12
17-Nov06:45 AM to 06:46 AM, Nov 18
18-Nov06:46 AM to 11:08 PM
24-Nov06:51 AM to 07:37 PM
25-Nov05:21 PM to 06:52 AM, Nov 26
01-Dec06:56 AM to 05:44 AM, Dec 02
08-Dec12:33 PM to 07:02 AM, Dec 09
09-Dec07:02 AM to 02:59 PM
15-Dec07:06 AM to 07:07 AM, Dec 16
23-Dec07:11 AM to 07:11 AM, Dec 24
29-Dec07:13 AM to 11:44 AM
30-Dec11:24 AM to 07:14 AM, Dec 31
People can easily learn about the most beneficial 2022 property purchase muhurats according to their respective birth chart, or create favorable ambiance for property related activities through Pooja or hawan, just through contacting grand astrologer Ankit Sharma either by telephonic (+91-98154-18307) or electronic (info@AstrologerAnkitSharma.com) means.


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