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what is shani sade sati dosha and how to remove

What is Shani Sade Sati Dosha

Shani sade sati dosha shows the possibility of diverse troubles to a person during 2700-day transit of planet Saturn in his/her birth chart from 12th and 1st houses to the 2nd house. The sade sati of shani is regarded as being very formidable period, especially when the overall status of Saturn in his/her birth chart is poor.

In Vedic Astrology and Hinduism, planet Saturn (Shani) is regarded as being the god of Karmic Retribution and Justice. Since the seven-and-half- year transit period of shani from the 12th and 1st houses to the 2nd house from the natal Moon in one's birth chart is regarded as being critical and very rectifying, this shani sade sati is commonly considered as a very formidable period in the life of a person. During this 71/2 years, likely are various internal and external problems to the native, which could be mild or grueling depending upon the position and nature of the Saturn in one's natal chart and many other astrological factors. The external problems could relate with money and finances, career, business, relationships, and worldly prosperity; while the internal troubles may affect adversely the mental peace and health.

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Shani Sade Sati Remedies by Astrologer Ankit Sharma

The shani sade sati remedies by astrologer ankit sharma of India have been rather highlighted and popular in nations all across the world for over two decades. During this period, he helped, soothed, and prospered numerous people suffering from this notorious and rather daunting shani sade sati. The section just below offers separate information about how to remove shani sade sati dosha, and his solutions and suggestions.

His globally-admired astrological and other solutions for making the shani sade sati period less painful and harmful, are provided after thorough observation and insightful analysis of the birth horoscope of the person concerned. More than one solution may also be utilized by the aggrieved person for fast and complete relief and removal of this shani sade sati dosha. To help people utmost, he charges just the reasonable service charges from his Indian as well as global clients.

A few might not get affected by the Saturn influence, but most of the people with Shani Sade Dosha are influenced within this time span. If you are one of them or have someone in your family who is impacted by its potent effect, may consult the best astrologer in India.

To recommend you an adept who is the best astrologer for shani sade sati dosha remedies then, we will suggest you Ankit Sharma Ji for the same. He, with his many years of modern and Vedic Astrology experience, has deep knowledge of how to remove the negative consequences of this influential Shani Sade Dosha.

Shani sade sati dosha astrology is difficult to study and analyze. Finding out the exact flaw in an affected person's natal/birth chart is indeed a complicated task. Then, allotting the shani sade sati dosha remedy to the person with precise rituals, the insights of lords to be worshipped, the deep notion about the mantra to be recited along with puja, and the gemstones to be required can merely be taken care of properly by the best astrologer in India. So, why not try this extremely talented proficient and get the best ever solutions for all your imperfections.

Believe it or not, but he is world-famous for his complex solutions to such intricacies. With the wink of an eye, just by looking at the horoscope, he scrutinizes the person's overall concerns and suggests the most suitable shani sade sati dosha remedy for his welfare. It is also suggested to do some self-purification with a handful of holy and sacred with the help of some herbal and organic therapies. As it is utterly important to soothe yourself and cleanse your mind to get rid of all mental ailments and worries. So, de-stress yourself a bit because you have the best astrologer in india who knows everything about the Shani sade sati dosha astrology.

How to Remove Shani Sade Sati Dosha

To alleviate or remove shani sade sati dosha, the following are the most popular and effective measures, suggested by Vedic astrologers:

Who is the no 1 astrologer in India for Astrology Solution?

Have we ever wondered what the proper definition of a good astrologer is? We tell you- A good, in fact, the best astrologer is one who does not believe in installing fear in people's minds. He/she should consult his clients responsibly and not impose any negativity even if the stars in the natal chart are yielding negative aspects about something. However, it is his/her duty to make someone comfortable with the situation and provide the relevant remedies without informing the person of the bad facets.

For example, while studying a client's horoscope, if an astrologer finds an indication of some crisis in the forthcoming days. Now he must know how to share that unfavorable thing in a sensible manner. He should not create havoc in a client's mind by negatively communicating the possibilities. In a nutshell, an astrologer's sole purpose should always be on the bearer's side and help them with his effective herbal cures by hook or by crook. Though doing this calmly and easily is not every astrologer's cup of tea. Only a highly skilled professional can manage this properly. Now, do not get confused with- who is the no. 1 astrologer in India and even around the globe. He is our world-esteemed gem of this millennium - Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji.

Ankit Sharma Ji is a respectable name in astrology; he can forecast your future and upcoming bad and good events using his matchless astrology solution. But, the best part which makes him stand out of the throng is his politeness and counseling skills. He will tell you the resolutions and remedies without even telling you the gloomy occurrences which might be causing destruction and uneasiness in your life. Apart from giving unexcelled solutions, he will guide you on the right path if you get distracted from your goals & dreams.

Ankit Ji belongs to a traditional priest family. His father, who also was a great astrologer in his times, was one of the most respected and known names in Vedic Astrology. Pandit Ji also acquired all these divine, spiritual, and religious specialties and astrology services as gifts from his eminent father and evolved into a recognized astrologer in 2000. In total, he has approximately 23 years of experience & knowledge in the Vedic and Modern Astrology domain. Besides, when it comes to clientele, he has more than 30000 avid clients, customers, and ardent followers worldwide.

In addition to this, he is an optimistic person who communicates positively. When anyone reaches out to him, he really gives his trust and helps each client to focus more on the possibilities and good factors, along with providing honest consultation. So whenever you are perplexed, contact him for your mental peace and get the desired outcomes.

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