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Taurus Compatibility for Love and Marriage with Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus is the second sign of all the zodiacs and people with the zodiac sign taurus are patient, loyal, and super dependable. They are very affectionate towards their partner and go all the extra mile to make them happy. The compatibility of taurus with other zodiac signs for love and marriage is what this piece of content is all about. Many zodiac signs are highly compatible with Taurus, but some zodiacs do not fit with the personality and habits of a taurus.

The love compatibility of a taurus with other zodiacs is here:

Aries - Taurus Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Aries and taurus possess many opposite qualities that may not match and hence, can be bad for their love relationship. Both these signs are strong and full of resolutions. But Taurus is a sign that is more driven towards family and aries is free as a bird that wants excitement in life away from family and friends. These traits of the signs can become a matter of conflict and make the compatibility low for them.

Taurus - Taurus Compatibility for Love and Marriage

A taurus-taurus relationship of marriage or love is simple and admiring. The common traits and personalities make their relationship run smoothly and last for a long time. Both the partners admire each other and keep themselves busy in building a lovable household and family. The compatibility between both taurus partners is good and comfortable and lasts long.

Taurus - Gemini Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The different personalities of the zodiacs make them not a fit match for each other. Both are stubborn and deny surrendering and accepting each other's opinion that makes the relationship harsh. To make a taurus-gemini relationship last, they shout get married a little late or the relationship can be smooth if the seventh house of any one of the partners is strong.

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Taurus - Cancer Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Taurus and Cancer are highly compatible and make a very strong relationship. Trust is the base of their relationship and both the partners go well with each other. Taurus are naturally attracted to cancer and both these signs are highly compatible. The connection is strong and compatibility is high for a taurus and cancer.

Taurus - Leo Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Taurus is attracted towards leos but the activities of a leo can make a taurus mentally uncomfortable. Both have an appealing personalities but if a conflict arises, then it can become worse if both of them do not find out a way to overcome it and understand each other's views.

Taurus - Virgo Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Taurus and virgo share many common traits and make a good couple if they do not judge each other at first. Both have a clear mind about what they want in a relationship. A taurus supports and compliments the aspiring nature of a virgo while virgo is gentle with the flaws of a taurus. The compatibility is quite good and there's a good chance for them to stand a chance and make a good couple.

Taurus - Libra Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The compatibility for a taurus and libra is not so high and both the signs want the opposite things in a relationship. Taurus likes to have a personal space and do some things individually whereas libra likes to share the space. They are more likely to get into an argument and make it worse with their short-tempers. Marriages for these two signs are not much recommended.

Taurus - Scorpio Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Love and compassion are very important for taurus and scorpio which makes them a good match for each other. Both share common beliefs and philosophies that make fewer chances of disputes between them. Both complement each other's weaknesses and are highly recommended for a marriage or love relationship.

Taurus - Saggitarius Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The relationship between a taurus and saggitarius is not much recommended. Both the signs are quite opposite as taurus likes to be in a private space whereas, a saggitarius likes to be surrounded by friends of different backgrounds and is very social. This can bring a lot of compatibility and adjustment issues.

Taurus - Capricorn Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Taurus and Capricorn are very well compatible with each other. Both share a similar interest in spirituality and divinity. The favorable position of venus for both the signs makes them very well connected. Capricorn is calm and can handle the aggression of a taurus and appreciates them for their kindness. This couple is very compatible in terms of love and marriage.

Taurus - Aquarius Compatibility for Love and Marriage

These signs do not make a meaningful relationship due to different choices in life. Taurus is comfortable and attached to things they already have whereas Aquarius wants to expand lives. Taurus and Aquarius Both find it hard to understand each other's choices thus do not make a very good and compatible couple.

Taurus - Pisces Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Both Taurus and Pisces are deep thinkers and emotional. They make good compatibility and are passionate. Taurus and Pisces complement each other. An aries supports taurus to open up and explore their own feelings. Overall marriage compatibility is good for them.

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