Client Testimonials

Anna Mishra
Anna Mishra, Boston, USALove Problem Solution [ April - 2024 ]

My name is Anna Mishra from Boston, USA, and my love life was in constant trouble for 4 years. I could not get any solutions for making it up and was on a verge of breaking up when one of my friends came up with the contact details of Astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji. I was curious and in need of help, so I read about him and his work in Boston. Many people in Boston had used his services are were benefitted from them. So I decided to opt for his love problem solution services and I was stunned to see my love life get back on track in minimum time. Pandit Ji is a true genius and I am very grateful that I got his guidance.

Mrs. Anou
Mrs. Anou, New DelhiLove Problem Solution [ February - 2024 ]

Love problems solution services from astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji was a turning point in my life that I will be forever thankful for. Astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji is not just a name, It is a guiding light of so many lives, and me being one of those lives am very obliged to get help for my degrading love life from him. He not only solves the problems of your life but also guides you to do better. I totally recommend his services to all the people who have a tough time in love and I assure them that the results will amaze them, as they did to me. All thanks to Pandit Ji.

Meenu Singh
Meenu Singh, JaipurLove Problem Solution [ August - 2021 ]

I am Meenu from Jaipur and I was in great trouble with my love life for more than a year. All my tension was vanished as I took the great love problem solution by Ankit Ji and I noticed swift improvement in my life. Today I am happy and my love life is joyous. I am so grateful for Ankit Ji's services and his guidance in my life. Thank you so much for making my life worth living.

Puja Paul
Puja Paul, KolkataFamily Problem Solution [ June - 2021 ]

Best place for Astrological Solutions. I was blessed to get in touch with you and you stood by me like a brother. You gave 100 percent effort to provide solution. It has definitely taken time and my persuation. The end result was remarkable and satisfactory. Today our family is complete just because of you. Thank you Ankit ji to make my family life again aligned in all manner. God bless you with everything.

Miss. Nitu Sharma
Miss. Nitu Sharma, KanpurLove Problem Solution [ April - 2021 ]

Hi, I am Nitu from Kanpur. My life was devastated after separation from my boyfriend. I was completely broken mentally and emotionally. I had lost all hope in life and I was in depression. Then, Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji came as a beacon of light in my life. He listened to my problems carefully and advised some solutions. And fortunately, that worked miraculously. Today I am happy after getting my lost love back. He is the best love astrologer in the world and his powerful and effective Love Problem Solution brings desired outcomes.

Mrs. SwatiMarital Problem Solution [ March - 2021 ]

Hi, I am Swati. My married life was going so smooth, hassle-free, and melodious. Then, suddenly after couple of years of our marriage, things started deteriorating. Doubt, fight on small issues, were like part of daily life. Such things were like a massive blow in my life and I was broken completely. Somehow, I was looking for solution, because our relationship was at stake. Then, suddenly due to the blessing of the almighty, Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji came as an angel in my life. His friendly and humble behavior made me comfortable to discuss my problems with him. After listening to all problems, he suggested powerful and effective astrological remedies, fortunately, which worked miraculously and given the desired outcome. Today, my married life is happy, peaceful, and full of love. Thank you Ankit Sharma Ji for saving my married life, he is the best astrologer in the world and his marital problem solution works like panacea.

Miss. Lopamudra
Miss. Lopamudra, GuwahatiLove Problem Solution [ January - 2021 ]

Hello, I am Lopamudra from Guwahati. My love life was tumultuous and it was an upheaval situation in my personal life. I was desperate for stability, harmony, and amorousness in my love life. I was looking for effective solution. Then, Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji came as an angel in my life. His sagacious astrology solution eliminated all hassles in my love life. Today our relationship is buoyant and effervescent. If you want to get lost love back, then I will strongly recommend Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji. He is the best love astrologer, his all solution proves super productive, which makes him a bewildering love problem solution specialist.

Mr. Mitrishksthakov, RussiaPersonal Problem [ January - 2021 ]

Hello, I am Mitrishksthakov from Russia! One may wonder to know that at a stage when the world makes wide strides of success, I was undergoing a very hard and bleak phase of life. I had some very solemn problems related to my health and personal life, which had made me rather frustrated and hopeless. Then, Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji came into my sad life like a ray of bright hope. He suggested many simple but very effective and marvelous tips for solving my problems. Today, I am doing well and have big and bright hopes for the future. Thanks to Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji for his empathy with me and his fast-acting Healing Solutions. Without any hesitation, i can say that Ankit Sharma Ji is the best astrologer in India.

Miss. Sanjana Jain
Miss. Sanjana Jain, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra)Love Problem Solution [ January - 2021 ]

I am Sanjana Jain from Navi Mumbai. I will remain obliging of best love astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma ji for life. His supermundane power worked miraculously in my love life. Due to his quintessential solution today my bonding, affection, and intimacy with my partner is unparalleled. He is a beacon of hope for all love birds. Love problem solution specialist Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji is well-seasoned in astrology and has divine power, his online astrology service rejuvenates your love life.

Miss. Preeti Pathak
Miss. Preeti Pathak, Nagpur (Maharashtra)Love Problem Solution [ August - 2020 ]

I am Preeti Pathak from Nagpur, and I was facing very complex time in my love life since past few months. I was in relationship with a boy for a long time. My boyfriend was very loving and loyal, but I doubted him for his friendship with a girl. He got deeply hurt for my mistrust and left me. I was very guilty and wanted to get love back forever. Then I contacted trusted and experienced love problem solution specialist, Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji. Using the excellent solutions of guruji, my boyfriend came back to me and I was united with my lover finally. Thank you best love astrologer, you are truly a blessing in our lives.

Miss. Nilusha Karunasena
Miss. Nilusha Karunasena, Colombo (Sri Lanka)Marriage Problem Solution [ June - 2020 ]

I fell short of words to praise the services of accomplished and benevolent astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji. I owe my happy marriage only to him. I was not able to get married for years, because of some Kundli dosh in my birth chart. My mother showed my Kundli to Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji and asked him to provide the solution for my marriage. He is an experienced and expert astrologer; hence he examined the birth chart and provided solutions for removal of all obstacles in love marriage. Shortly my marriage was fixed, and now I am living a happily married life.

Miss. Aditi Gupta
Miss. Aditi Gupta, Pune (India)Husband Wife Problem [ May - 2020 ]

My husband is a very loving and caring person, but since some time, he had lost interest in me. He fought with me often and stopped spending time with me. It was strange and distressing for me. Hence, I consulted esteemed astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji for my problem. He understood me and helped by providing his solutions in the form of powerful mantra and tantras. I chanted the mantras as he instructed and within some time problems with my husband were resolved. I highly recommended his services to my friends and relatives.

Miss. Nidhi Srivastav
Miss. Nidhi Srivastav, Hyderabad (India)Love Marriage Problem [ April - 2020 ]

Thank you so much. Love vashikaran specialist Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji. I had lost all hopes of getting married to my love since my parents ultimately rejected our relation. I could not live without him, so I started looking for solutions online. I came across the website of Guruji, and his website seemed genuine, so I called him for an answer. He immediately contacted me back and listened to my problems patiently. He gave me powerful and marvellous mantras, using which I convinced my parents for marriage. I am thankful to Guruji for making my love marriage possible. Thanks a lot!

Miss. Sadhana Singh
Miss. Sadhna Singh, Noida (India)Love Problem Solution [ February - 2020 ]

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, vashikaran specialist Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji. I love my colleague for a long time, but he never felt the same for me. It hurt me tremendously that he could not see or understand my love. I felt like I am worthy of getting love. My friend suggested me to meet Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji and tell him my situation. At first, I didn't believe her, but I had no option, so I contacted Vashikaran Specialist Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji. But, it completely turned my life around. He gave me powerful and genuine mantras. After I chanted that mantra as instructed, my colleague started getting attracted to me and shortly he proposed me for marriage.

Miss. Sapna Sharma
Miss. Sapna Sharma, New Delhi (India)Love Problem Solution [ November - 2019 ]

I am full of praises for globally famed astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma. The problems and tiffs in my relationship with my boyfriend has reached the point of separation, and all my efforts to rectify the situation were in vain. But within few days of taking consultation from guruji, my love life has been improved magically. Thankyou guruji for your personal attention and benevolent services.

Miss. Hina
Miss. Hina, Kochi (India)Love Problem Solution [ October - 2019 ]

Thank you very much Guru Ji Ankit Sharma! I am Hina from Kochi (Kerala). I am very pleased to inform to you that my problem (related with my love affair) has now got solved by your graces and blessings! Your solution was amazing indeed!!

Meenu, Bhopal (India)Late Marriage Problem Solution [ June - 2019 ]

Hereby, I (Meenu) express my sincerest thanks to great astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji, for solving my marriage problem, and thus, making my troubled and solitary life happy and wholesome! Guru ji, you had suggested me to wear a blue sapphire and a pearl, to expedite my marriage, some 3-5 months ago. Your solution has really been very successful, and now I am living with my husband congenially and happily. Thanking you and your organization again!

Krishna and Rama
Krishna and Rama, London (England)Marriage Problem [ June - 2019 ]

Thank you very much Ankit Sharma Ji! We are very grateful for your expert assistance in facilitating our marriage. We had lost all hopes compelled by the continual problems specified, but you gave us faith and effective marriage problem solution, using which now we are finally getting married! We are lucky that we got to know about you, best astrologer in UK, and we highly recommend your services!

Anuradha Kamboj
Ms. Anuradha Kamboj Jai, IndiaFace Reading Services [ August - 2019 ]

He is just unbelievable & has profound the knowledge of astrology specialy in Face reading. Great analysis of the situations, doesn't waste much time. Ankit Sharma ji is a best astrologers so I completely recommended him for anyone

Suman Dhawan
Ms. Suman Dhawan, IndiaBest Astrology Prediction Services [ August - 2019 ]

World best astrologer his predictions are always correct Thanks Ankit ji

Aditi Rana
Ms. Aditi Rana, IndiaLife Problem Solution [ July - 2019 ]

For me it was really a magic. I was totally depressed and he gave me a hope that changed my life. He is amazing at his work and is 100% genuine. i am really happy and doing good in my life and all this change happened because of him. I am really thankful to him and really appreciate the work he has done to me.

Anjali Dhawan
Ms. Anjali Dhawan, IndiaReunite Love [ July - 2019 ]

He is the best... Every single day he put efforts to reunite love Truely speaking i lose hope but he never he always say I will try my best A live god on the earth I might not too open to say you directly but you as a person always help me and gives me direction Thanks a lot God bless u Ankit Ji

Ms. PALLAVI SINGH, IndiaConvincing Parents for Intercaste [ July - 2019 ]

My parents were not ready for my marriage as the boy was from a different community. But apparently they are ready to meet him. Thank you Ankit ji for helping me out.

Vineet Sharma
Mr. Vineet Sharma, IndiaMarital Problem Solution [ July - 2019 ]

Best place for astrological solutions. I am very much happy with their I am happy in my marriage life. Thanks sir God bless you always

Aditi Rana
Ms. Aditi Rana, IndiaBest Astrology Solution [ July - 2019 ]

For me it was really a magic. I was totally depressed and he gave me a hope that changed my life. He is amazing at his work and is 100% genuine. i am really happy and doing good in my life and all this change happened because of him. I am really thankful to him and really appreciate the work he has done to me.

Amit Arora
Mr. Amit Arora, IndiaMarriage Problem Solution [ June - 2019 ]

Thank you Pandit Ji. I am happily married with your blessing

Sumra Nazir
Mr. Sumra Nazir, IndiaPersonal Problem Solution [ June - 2019 ]

ANKIT SHARMA JI sir is simply d best astrologer with great knowledge .. his constant guidance help a lot in my love life. Now I am happy with my life. Thanks for solving my problem

Ms. Swati, IndiaGot Love Back [ June - 2019 ]

Pandit ji's methods really work!! I felt big chance after meeting Pandit Ji. Thank you Pandit Ji for helping me get my love Back. Thank you Pandit Ji !!! Will definitely recommend him

Ajea Kumar
Mr. Ajea Kumar, IndiaPersonal Problem Solution [ May - 2019 ]

I am from Pune. Thanks for guiding me for best solution of my problem. I am very much happy after this. Thanks sir

KD thakur
Mr. KD thakur, IndiaFamily Problem Solution [ February - 2019 ]

thanks pandit ji after meeting you, our all problems just vanished we like to thank you for every thing.. today our family is complete jus because of you,, after following your foot step, one can not ask for more believe me guys best astrologer highly qualified must go and meet ankit sharma ji the astrologer

Aakriti Purang
Ms. Aakriti Purang, IndiaBest Astrology Solution [ December - 2018 ]

The best! Ankit ji has the solution for each and everything. And above all, he puts his 100% in his work and the results are simply amazing. What ever the problem must be , the answr is mr ankit sharma. One can simply trust him with eyes closed . God bless him with everything

Sweety Charm
Ms. Sweety Charm, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ December - 2018 ]

Ankit Sharma ji is one of the best astrologer. I am totally satisfied with his services. He is very kind hearted person and not money minded. He also did pooja for me at minimum cost when i had financial problems. Every word seems little in front of his appreciation. Please do contact Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji in case of any problem in your life. A big thanks to you sir and God Bless You

Rk B
Mr. Rk B, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ December - 2018 ]

Genuine is always genuine. Astrologer ankit sharma ji. A genuine person who always help everyone. I can't explain more about ankit ji but he is very professional in his work. He complete work at time. Ankit Sharma nicest person who have helped me a lot.thank you sir

Bhasker Vijay
Mr. Bhasker Vijay, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ November - 2018 ]

I had many problems in my life before some months after that I took help of astrologer Ankit Sharma now I m good and am very happy thank you astrologer Ankit Sharma

Simran Bhargav
Ms. Simran Bhargav, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ November - 2018 ]

best astrologer in the world, consulted ankit sharma ji for business problem but today everything fine just because of him . thanks ankit sharma sir

Anshul Kumar
Mr. Anshul Kumar, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ October - 2018 ]

Sir helped me in my business and love work. Will recommend everyone who are seeking for true astrologer who have good knowledge of astrology . Thank astrologer ankit Sharma sir ji. Always bless me like this only.thanku sir

Shubam Verma
Mr. Shubam Verma, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ October - 2018 ]

Best renowed astrologer in the world. He do work with easy solutions. He is the best. no astrologer can be like him ever. He is like god to me. thanku once again astrologer ankit sharma sir ji

Ms. Ash, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ October - 2018 ]

Thank you very much Ankit Sir. You are like god for me. For marriage he gave me a best solution. He is reliable and trustworthy person. Because of him my life is settled.He is best astrologer in the world. Few people are like diamonds and Ankit Sharma Sir is one of them who spreads his light to make happiness in others life. God bless him long life to make this world peaceful and beautiful.

Simrat Kalra
Ms. Simrat Kalra, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ October - 2018 ]

Best astrologer in the world . He done my work within proper time . I was facing study and love problem . He helped me very much . Because of him only today am very happy . Once again thanku astrologer Ankit Sharma ji

Ravi Gill
Mr. Ravi Gill, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ October - 2018 ]

I am very much worried for my match making with my partner But when I meet with Pandit Ji. He gives me right advice about match making. Thanks Recommend to all

Harmeet Ghuman
Mr. Harmeet Ghuman, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ September - 2018 ]

Great knowledge about nadi dosh. I am facing this problem. But after taking consultations With Pandit Ankit sharma ji about nadi dosh He giving me proper solutions Thanks once again

Raman Kumar
Mr. Raman Kumar, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ September - 2018 ]

Ankit Sharma's knowledge about astrology is very good. I am very much happy after meet with ankit Sharma ji. He give me right advice about my problems. Thanks

Tarun Singh
Mr. Tarun Singh, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ July - 2018 ]

I met astrologer ankit sharma , he solved my all problems and i am very thankfull to you Thankyou sir

Hari Singh
Mr. Hari Singh, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ July - 2018 ]

I met this astrologer online and he solved my all problem thank you sir. Very thankfull to you sir

Vishal Sharma
Mr. Vishal Sharma, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ June - 2018 ]

He is nice person he has solved my problem thanku astrologer ankit sharma

Neha Sharma
Ms. Neha Sharma, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ May - 2018 ]

Very good astrologer with effective results. . ...........thanku ankit g

Ravi Sharma
Mr. Ravi Sharma, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ May - 2018 ]

I was having mangal dosh problem in my horoscope. I was very much worried about mangal dosh problem but after consulting with astrologer ankit sharma , i feel very very much happpy . He give me right and easy remedies for removing mangal dosh. Ankit sharma is a nice astrologer like a good friend who give me right advice in my life once again thanku sir .

Rohit Kumar
Mr. Rohit Kumar, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ May - 2018 ]

I am very happy with Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji Giving very good advice about my delay marriage problem. Thankful to you sir

Sunny Gupta
Mr. Sunny Gupta, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ April - 2018 ]

Ankit ji helped me in solving my love problem. His advice are very accurate and strong. I am giving 5 star rating to him because he deserves. Thank you sir

Bhawna Adhir
Ms. Bhawna Adhir, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

I came to know about Ankit from internet. I usually dint believed in astrology till date but after meeting and having converse with Ankit I now believe that things happen. When I met him I had issues related to love life going on at peak. He is helping me to get out of all this and I am daily seeing positive changes occurring in my love life . After meeting him personally I felt 100% satisfied and I fully trust him that he will make my life happier and fruitful. He is shield of my love life now I am confident when he is there with me my problems will get resolved very soon. I strongly suggest he is a very good mentor and guide to solve any of our problems. I thank almighty that I have approached him. He is like an angel making my wishes true in positive manner.

Sony Thakur
Ms. Sony Thakur, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

Hello everyone i just want to share my experience with astrologer ankit sharma i am very much happy with his service he is a great person very nice thinking about my horoscope chart thanks

Shavii sharma
Ms. Shavii Sharma, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

Astrologer ankit sharma ji suggest me right gem stones for my better future.his advice gvs me positivity.he hv gud knowledge abt astrology.M vry happy now...thnx

Priya Thakur
Ms. Priya Thakur, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

One of the most genuine person I have ever met.. he is so loyal to his work .. I was completely hopeless n depressed when I met him but because of him iam compeletely satisfied in my life he actually came in my life like a angel who has a solution of every kind of problem ... best astrologer in d whole wide world...

Ms. Kasturi, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

I am delighted to say about my amazing experience with the services of Mr. Ankit Sharma. In a broken condition of my life I was blessed to get in touch with Ankitji and my life has got a different direction to get rid of all hassels I was experiencing. Not only as an Astrologer rather he stood by me like a friend, so today I am in a position to write this review about his miraculous solutions. Thank you Ankitji to make my life again aligned in all manner.

Tarasha Vij
Ms. Tarasha Vij, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

He is too genuine and best person i have ever met he is available all the time whenever i need him he is not treating mi like a client he always treat mi like a younger sister and bcz of him i got the biggest happiness of my life thanks bhaiya and being there with mi always like an elder brother

Sudha Patil
Ms. Sudha Patil, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

I want to say that Panditji is great and admirable too; he has made my life more comfortable and more Peaseful ; as before meeting him; was suffering from very terrible stage of life with my partner; but Panditji has given his 100% efforts to made my life at ease I am very much thankful to him throughout my life and will suggest to take his opinion if you want have more peaceful and relaxed life.

Aditya Pl
Ms. Aditya Pl, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

Very accurate. I had a very wonderful, satisfying and helpful interaction with Ankit Sharma ji .He is an amazing person with excellent knowledge of astrology and very accurate. After graduating I was struggling to find my first job, as time passed my motivation levels were getting low and low. Ankit Sharma ji patiently helped me in understanding my horoscope details, always encouraged me to stay positive and guided me with remedies for better life and future. His solutions worked perfectly for me. I am very pleased with the results as I was offered a role in a multinational company. I will continue to consult Ankit Sharma ji in future.

Nikita Raniga
Ms. Nikita Raniga, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

Great Astrology predictions. Astrologer Ankit Sharma helped me out in my career, international business growth , personal relation and some general things. His Predictions are accurate and helps lot to become optimistic. Life changer astrology and highly recommend. with love -Nikita G. (Dubai-UAE)

Prachi Jawade
Ms. Prachi Jawade, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ Feb - 2018 ]

Ankit Sharma ur jst amazing astrologer always have solutions may whatever it is thnq for being der always its been more 5 years I kno him n he never misguide it's wonderful knowing u stay bless n have wonderful lyf ahead

Vivek Kumar
Mr. Vivek Kumar, IndiaPersonal Problem Solution [ February - 2018 ]

I am very happy with astrologer ankit sharma ji he is giving me right advice for my problem easy remedies and perfect solutions thanks ankit sharma ji

Mukul Sharma
Mr. Mukul Sharma, IndiaLife Problem Solution [ February - 2018 ]

I am very thankful to Ankit Sharma. I was irritated with my life and after contacting him, my life has changed completely.

Mohit Patel
Mr. Mohit Patel, IndiaBusiness Astrology Solution [ February - 2018 ]

Hi everyone, I would like to thank pandit ji.. for his services.. I am a business man and my business was going down and despite my efforts all was in vain, till I got in contact with pandit ji, he was referred by one of my friends, after taking his services and advice my business is back on track and I am progressing on better future now ... Thank pandit ji from my core of heart

Rahul Thakur
Mr. Rahul Thakur, IndiaBest Astrologer [ February - 2018 ]

I'm very thankful to you pandit ji.. I truly had a good experience with you and really you've helped in my life and showed me a good path..

Arun Gautam
Mr. Arun Gautam, IndiaBest Astrology Solution [ February - 2018 ]

Very thankful to Ankit sharma ji...i was fed up of my life but when i met him, i completely enjoyed my life because he has a solution for every problem....his remedies really i think he is "The Master" of Astrology....must visit once for awesome results

Dimple Kandial
Ms. Dimple, Delhi (India)Love Problem [ May - 2018 ]

I came to know about Ankit JI on internet and After consulting with AstrologerAnkit Sharma ji about my Love Life's Problem. He guides me very positive solution about my problem. I don't have words how much i am happy now! Once again Thanks a Ton Ankit Sharma Ji, you really share your knowledge to Help People.

Shweta Jai
Ms. Shweta Jai, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ January - 2018 ]

Excellent advise and guidance . Will recommend ankit ji for genuine service

Anisha Garg
Ms. Anisha Garg, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ January - 2018 ]

He always stood besides me..its been one year that m in touch with him..i just feel blessed everyday and always feel secure..he is not just an astrologer but an amazing guider for me..just an amazing person.

Ms. Ritchie, IndiaPersonal Problem Solution [ January - 2018 ]

Great astrologer I have come across ever . His experience and approach is great towards life and helped me a lot to come over in my worst situation. Such a friendly nature and listen everything very patiently and give the best solution of any problem .

Sanghamitra banerjee
Ms. Sanghamitra banerjee, IndiaMarital Problem Solution [ January - 2018 ]

Thanks a lot Ankit jii for your guidance and miracles.your miraculous work brought happiness in my life and family. My heartiest thanks and prams to you for your great support. I remember when I called Ankit jii for the first time I was dead lost and frustrated in every way in my family life . Today I m happy in my married because of his guidance a and pujas.thanks a lot Ankit jii . I look forward to seek his help whenever needed.

Dimple Kandial
Miss Shalini, Jabalpur (India)Love Problem Solution [ January - 2018 ]

Guru Ji Astrologer Ankit Sharma, you do deserve my deepest thanks! Your expert help has changed my life from a sore and gloomy one to a happy and bright one. Now, my love partner (Amit) has really become very accommodating and compatible with me, and cherishes to live a harmonious and succulent life with me. This miracle is nothing but a shining testament to your great capabilities!

Charu dhanjal
Ms. Charu Dhanjal, IndiaBest Astrology Services [ December - 2017 ]

Pandit Ankit sharma is nice person and am very happy wid his service...thankuu very much...

Kunika Gautam
Ms. Kunika Gautam, IndiaPersonal Problem Solution [ November - 2017 ]

I had consulted panditji for my personal problem . I had no peace of mind i was not having interest in job also when I consulted panditji he gave me exact and experience prediction and guided me to come out of my problem and now I am living stress less.

Jap Kaur
Ms. Jap Kaur, IndiaBest Astrology Consultant [ October - 2017 ]

Thank you sir. My friend had referred me to consult Ankit sharma ji . I am very positive after consulting with ankit sharma. Once again thanku sir.

Sonia Kumari
Ms. Sonia Kumari, IndiaBest Astrology Prediction Service [ September - 2017 ]

Ankit ji you are a great astrologer. Whatever you says about my astrology chart comes true and your all remedies about my problem is very easy and effective. Thank you pandit Ankit Sharma ji I am very happy with your all support.

Ms. Muskan, Lucknow (India)Married Life Problems [ August - 2017 ]

I must thank astrologer Ankit Sharma for making my married life peaceful, harmonious, and quite progressive! After few years of my marriage, my husband had begun to react rather rudely, in response to my domestic or prudent questions and opinions. My familial life was started becoming uncomfortable, distressing, and gloomy, due to wrong and reckless behavior of my husband. Then, I knew about and met guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma, to seek any effective and sure solution for my married life problem. After knowing all about my birth (date, time, and place) and the problem encountered, guru ji gave me a curative gemstone and suggested to make donations on Saturdays. After few months later, calmness and harmony started cropping up at home.

Priyanka Bajpai
Ms. Priyanka Bajpai, IndiaAccurate Life Predictions [ August - 2017 ]

Simply Excellent. Its my great pleasure to recommending Ankit Ji. I first came to know him through the internet. He is seriously excellent, Very good knowledge about astrology and full supportive person as well. He is consistent, reliable and very accurate.he is a soft spoken astrologer who answers all questions with accurate prediction. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself very clearly helping me to take my future steps along with this he could help me to resolve life obstacles. So I would like others to also consult him to get a clear picture and get rid of false hopes and many life problems.

Harry Sagar
Mr. Harry Sagar, IndiaGreat Astrology Services [ July - 2017 ]

Good guidance. I am happy with your astrology service. Thanks for your support and blessing

Ms. Sangeeta, Kolkata (India)Family Problems [ July - 2017 ]

Expert astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji deserves my deepest thanks, for having solved my family problem in a short duration of just few months.Around one and a half years after our marriage, likes and attitude of my husband had begun to change, and go against those of mine. My in-laws too were supporting my husband. They all were just trying to suppress me to bring me under them, listening and obeying only them, despite they were in the wrong in many ways. When I met Sharma Ji, he pacified me assuring that he would surely solve my family problems. He demanded the birth chart of me (Sangeeta), looked into my palms, and asked some questions related with my problems. After observing and analyzing all things, he suggested a gemstone (Hessonite Garnet) along with chanting regularly a mantra. Just 10-15 days after, my familial situation started changing to a comfortable and harmonious one. Today, I am quite happy with my husband and in-laws, and their understanding with me is ever-improving!!

Ms. Leena, New Delhi (India)Carrier Guidance [ June - 2017 ]

After examining and analyzing my natal chart, pandit ji astrologer Ankit Sharma had told that the most promising career for me would be as a teacher. At that time, I was very interested in the field of information technology. He had also said that he would give me some astrology-based measures to brighten and propel my career as a teacher. After my consent, pandit sharma ji had given me a yellow sapphire, along with a suggestion to make donations on Saturdays. I did follow his advice, and today, I am a prestigious and happy lecturer in a private college in Delhi. Lots of thanks to great astrologer Ankit Sharma! I will remain grateful to him always!!

Alia Sharma
Ms. Alia Sharma, IndiaGot My Ex Back [ June - 2017 ]

Simply awesome .. I had been wandering here and there .. spending lots of money.. but there were no results .. after I met him ( Ankit Sharma guru ji ) ... My ex came back even after 10 months of breakup .. In between, even he got disappointed because all the mantras and everything were having no impact on my ex .. But thank you guru ji .. you stood there, worked day and night, and accomplished the work. Now I've got back with my ex and all this is just because of you . No thank you can ever explain what you have done for me .. I just hope that you enlighten everyone's life with happiness .. like you did mine .. Once again.. thank you .

Kavita Adhikari
Ms. Kavita Adhikari, Dehradun (India)Love Problems [ June - 2017 ]

Yes, I have achieved my lost love back!, with adroit and admirable support of grand astrologer Ankit Sharma. Guru Ji, I heartily praise your high capabilities and kind behavior; nothing is difficult for you to solve!! Thanking you and always!!! Anybody who ever wants to lead a happy life, pls must contact astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji ASAP!

Ms. MEENAKSHI KAPIL, IndiaLife Problems Solution [ May - 2017 ]

Ankit Sharma is best astrologer. I was facing a lot of problems in my life. I am very grateful to him for making my life better he solved my all problems. He is very friendly and ready to help us without any terms. Once again thank you Ankit Sharma ji. May God bless you.

Steven Barnes
Mr. Steven Barnes, IndiaLost Love Back [ April - 2017 ]

Thank you guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma for bringing back my lost love into my lonely life again, to make it happy and colorful! I must state that the vashikaran service of him has been marvelous to render my solitary life succulent. Today, I am very happy with my girlfriend Julie, who now has no conflicting thoughts or misunderstanding with me. Thanking him again and always.

Mr. Ajay, Baroda (India)Business Problems [ March - 2017 ]

Revered Guru Ji, I am Ajay from Baroda (Gujarat), the depressed garment merchant who had consulted you last year! Guru Ji, today I am very happy with a peaceful and sharp mind and a booming business of readymade garments! Your astrology-based solution has really made wonder!! The good and favorable results had become conspicuous just about 2-3 months after wearing the two gemstones (Blue Sapphire and Emerald) which you had suggested. I thank you sincerely once again, and always!!

Aashish Thakur
Mr. Aashish Thakur, IndiaAstrology Suggestion [ March - 2017 ]

Thanku so much ankit ji you are a great astrologer. Your way of talking is very nice. Your astrology advice is always good for me. Once again thanku. God bless you.

Miss Amisha, Mumbai (India)Love Problem [ March - 2017 ]

Guruji has truly transformed my life through his blessings on me..i was facing severe depression as I broke up with my love who meant life to me. We were together from last 6 years, then due to my silly mistakes I almost lost him. There was no scope of getting everything sorted but then I contacted sophisticated astrologer ANKIT SHARMA and everything came on track...anyone who is facing problems, please contact him and get rid of your problems. The best thing about him is he never gives up and fulfils his commitments. I'm feeling blessed and lucky to be in contact with him. He is like a family member to me now.

Kajal Agarwal
Miss Kajal Agarwal, Mumbai (India)Love Relationship Issue [ March - 2017 ]

“ Biggest Thanks to this Incredibly Revolutionary man !!!!!
Yes, he is a Marvelous. I was going through the most depressing phase in my love relationship, my guy stopped talking to me and started drifting away for no reasons, this was killing me everyday, i went for lot of remedies for 1 month, wasted lot of money but nothing turned him even an inch towards me. Still remember that 7th Feb when i first spoke to Ankit ji. He promised me that right in 10 days I would say thanks to him (astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji) for pulling me out of deep depression. Trust me, it actually happened, i met my guy on 15 th Feb, we decided to re-start our relationship, my depression was 95% over mainly because of counselling and remedies from ankit ji. He understands every individual soo beautifully and correctly that we don't do ourselves. He gives both mental and amazing astrological treatment. He is a savior for me, an angelic friend, my guide for life, my healer and my mirror i can talk to about any problem of my life, the power he invokes in us is beyond all the remedies we do. He talks confidently and knows seriously what he talks as he fulfills all his commitments.

I'm slowly building better relationship with my guy. Ankit ji always says one thing that we have to win no matter what, and the best about him is he never suggested me any unethical way to solve my problem. Today i feel i have a protective shield for life in the form of ankit ji.

Please please please, anybody who ever wants to lead a happy life, pls do contact this miraculous man! I can't explain what changes i m seeing with every passing day in my love relationship. It's unexplainable, so thanks to my Almighty for all the help and for sending an angel like Ankit ji in my life.

Thank you Ankit ji for brightening up lives of millions of people. Fortunate are those who are able to reach you and receive your solutions.

Ms. Seema, Kolkata (India)Relationship Problems [ February - 2017 ]

Thank You Pandit Ji, Very Much! I feel confident and hope that everything with me will be fine from now onwards. You are no less than an angel to me. I, once more, must say that after receiving your service, my relationship with my partner, has improved substantially, and I hope that, we are prospering towards complete harmony. Thanks for everything. Every word seems little in front of your great capabilities and benevolence. Thanking you again, and always!!

Kavita Adhikari
Ms. Kavita Adhikari, IndiaLost Love Problem [ February - 2017 ]

Got my lost love back. Every word seems little in front of your great capabilities and helping hand. Thanking you and always!! anybody who ever wants to lead a happy life, pls do contact astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Gujarat (India)Business Problem [ January - 2017 ]

Hello Guys, I am Rajiv Kumar from Gujarat, India. Gujarat is an export hub and I was a very successful export business owner before falling victim to some problems mentioned hereunder. Then, everything was well-settled and rather smooth, I was a very happy man in respect of money and mental peace. But about 2 years ago, I had witnessed sudden recession in my business with no obvious or reasonable factors, and my business had started to get slack since then. To give stability to my business and withstand financial losses, I had to mortgage even my house. My mental peace too was adversely affected. At that juncture, one day I heard about Astrologer Ankit Sharma and his Business Astrology Services. I thought to try these once because there was no other way left for me. After consultation, he suggested by some astrology-based measures for sorting things out. His astrological solutions related with financial and corporate astrology, really helped me lot; I must say those solutions were amazing and marvelous to rehabilitate me. Soon after getting solutions from him I had started to be benefited both financially and commercially; my mental peace too was improving fast. His astrology measures also helped me in growing my business boosted by constantly improving profitability. Today, I am fully restored to my lost position (and have even gained better status) in business and mental peace, and hope to prosper luxuriantly in future. I and my family sincerely thank Guru Ji Ankit Sharma for changing our lives from a withering to blossoming stage.

Surinder Singh
Mr. Surinder Singh, IndiaLife Prediction [ January - 2017 ]

Accurate prediction. I am satisfied. Thanks to Ankit Sharma for giving me right advice.

Mr. Partap, Chennai (India)Love Issue [ December - 2016 ]

I have always loved a girl in my neighborhood and she also liked me but was in a always disturbed by another guy. So I asked pandit ji for his help in making me to meet the girl of my dreams. Now we are happily in a relationship and look forward to get married soon. It is all because of his blessings and patience.

Mr. Rashid Ayan, Kabul (Afghanistan)Personal Problem [ October - 2016 ]

Hi, i am Rashid Ayan from Kabul, Afghanistan. For last many years i have been suffering from some very serious personal problems. I was totally disappointed from all the sides, then one of my friend suggested me to consult with Astrology Specialist Ankit Sharma Ji. Some Most Effective Tips of Astrology given by Astrologer Ankit Sharma made my life hopeful and easy. Pandit ji suggested me to keep faith over Hard Work, Made me believe in the benefits of Positive Thinking, and Live a Simple Life with Broad Thinking. His Healing Tips and quick efficacy of his astrological solutions really amazed me. Truly, I am very thankful to Pandit ji for making my life beautiful again.

Ms. Sonia, KochiFamily Problem [ September - 2016 ]

Guru Ji, astrologer Ankit Sharma of India is really a very kind and great man. His advices are certainly very precious and useful. It is by virtue of his wise and life-changing advices that today I am happy with my life, and my life is going good and smooth. Before meeting him, I had a grave and grueling family problem, which he adroitly solved forever. In my opinion, the best thing associated with astrologer Ankit Sharma is that he understands a problem with due empathy and then generates surefire astro solution. God Bless Him!

Ms. Anjali, DelhiLost Love Back [ August - 2016 ]

I met astrologer Ankit Sharma through website, when i was in a deep trouble caused by sudden loss of my love and love life. I was so upset and distressed that i had almost decided to quit my life. But, before doing that, i just casually opted to try the love problems solution by astrology and vashikaran, to give the last chance to my destiny. My sole purpose was to get my boyfriend back into my solitary life, and thereafter live together a happy and harmonious life. I told Ankit Sharma everything about my lost love and boyfriend, and he assured me to bring back my boyfriend forever in the shortest possible time. And, this grand love vashikaran specialist proved true his every word of assurance! He not only brought back my boyfriend into my alienated life, but also became a kind and reliable friend of mine. Astrologer Ankit Sharma is indeed one of the most impressive persons that i met in my life so far!
I must admit that if i am happy today, Ankit Sharma is the reason! --- he made my life happy and satisfying eventually!!
I thank him lots, and sincerely wish him a great career and life!

Miss Barkha, BangaloreLove Problem [ June - 2016 ]

Guruji has truely transformed my life through his blessings on me. i was facing severe depression as I broke up with my love who meant life to me. we were together from last 6 years then due to my silly mistakes I almost lost him. there was no scope of getting everything sorted but then I contacted phenomenal astrologer ANKIT SHARMA and everything came on track. anyone who is facing problems. please contact him and get rid of your problems. he will always be there and will take your problems as his. the best thing about him is he never give up and complete his commitments. m feeling blessed and lucky to be in contact with him. he is like family member to me now who is the best guider.

Esha Sharma, MumbaiLove Problem [ April - 2016 ]

Thank you panditji..hopfully ab sab thik ho gya hai..i hope and will pray sab aisa hi rahe ..really thanks for have given my life back to me...m really in shocked..this is really magical for me..but a big thanks to you..not just for this..with this you have taught me meaning of my life..really a big thanks...

Ms. Nilisha, MauritiusLove Problem [ February - 2016 ]

I was in a long term relationship with a boy, suddenly over the few months back he acted different and broke up with me. After that I contacted pandit ji for my problem and since then my life has changed. He has united us and we are getting engaged this fall. Thank you for your blessings pandit ji.

Ms. Gautama, New Delhi (India)Career Problem [ December - 2015 ]

Astrologer ankit Sharma has been a boon in my life. I met him when I was suffering from a difficult time at work with no progress. Today, through his services I am in one of the highest levels in my office and all troubles are gone. I am grateful always to his service in guiding me and making me successful.

Ms. Meena, Surat (India)Family Peace [ September - 2015 ]

There were constant fights and quarrels in my family about finance and even for any petty affairs. I was stressed and in pain until i came across the most accurate and highly productive astrologer ankit Sharma. He has transformed my life and changed the stress to family peace and happiness. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge.

Ajay and Veena
Ajay and Veena, Jodhpur (India)Marriage Problem [ July - 2015 ]

We are both from a different caste and in love. We wanted to be married but our families did not allow us. Thus we contacted pandit ji to solve our marriage problem solution and he has surprised us in making it all happen with great perfection and satisfaction. Today we are a happy couple all because of him. Thank You pandit ji.

Gurinder Singh
Mr. Gurinder Singh, New ZealandCareer Problem [ April - 2015 ]

Pandit ji is the greatest of all the astrologers I met in my life so far. I work in an IT company In New Zealand and I did all my work honestly yet I was not given the due promotion. So I was worried and asked for pandit ji's help; he did help me in getting the promotion at work and congeniality of my seniors. I am grateful to you always!

Mr. Anand, New York (USA)Business Problem [ March - 2015 ]

My business was going through losses in every direction and didn't know what to do. It had started to affect my health also. So I found guru ji's website and shared him my problem. Since then I have been making massive progress in my business and has also grown in magnitude. Thank u guru ji for your understanding and guidance.

Jasbir Sidhu
Mr. Jasbir Sidhu, Sydney (Australia)Children Issue [ October - 2014 ]

Me and my wife were always a happy couple until recently we found out that we could not have any children. My wife is always sad and in tears. It pained me to see her like this, so I contacted guru ji and he offered us the perfect solution for it. Today we are proud parents to twin baby boys. I am most humbly grateful to pandit ji for his grace and blessing.

Ms. Minakshi Reddy, Hyderabad (India)Family Problem [ August - 2014 ]

After my marriage in a join family it was all good, until some misunderstandings and problems started of which there were issues that was serious. So I found pandit ji's contact number and talked about it. Since his help and solution there is peace and happiness back. I am blessed and grateful for your advice and help. I am always thankful to you.

Mr.Parwesh PatelHouston, U.S. [ May - 2014 ]

Ankit is definitely one of the best astrologer's of this generation. Not only does he have the ability to make accurate forecasts but he also provides appropriate guidance and options conforming to needs and situations. He is a true professional with compassion and a higher sense of responsibility.

Mr. Tom PetersonNewyork, U.S. [ March - 2014 ]

Other responses we have received include....
Your readings exceeded my expectations. I know a little about astrology, but I didn't expect you to make things so clear.

Ms. Anjani ModiDubai, U.A.E. [ February - 2014 ]

I met Ankitji through my close friend (Shweta, Nitin's wife) nearly 2 years ago.I had consulted him with my horoscope. Retrospectively today I can certainly say that he has been quite correct about certain important aspects of my life !!!

Mr. Rajiv KapoorDubai, U.A.E. [ December - 2013 ]

I've had a few psychic readings, in the past, but no astrology readings. I found your predictions to be more exact, based on a scientific like method, rather than hunches or intuition. I now understand why things are happening, the way they are... Now I know what I need to do.

Mr.Kishor ThakkerSydney Australia [ November - 2013 ]

Your report has truly been unbelievable. Three months on and it was like things were being played out to a script. But I knew what to expect, so I did manage to avoid a few pitfalls along the way. Please keep helping me out.

Debbie CarverNSW, Australia [ August - 2013 ]

Everything turned out to be so true, your readings were so insightful, they really helped me to chart out my course. Thanks so much.

Ms.Sarah RozerNSW, Australia [ June - 2013 ]

Your readings have been so accurate, its almost scary. How you worked out all that just from my date, time, place of birth etc, is unbelievable.

Ms. Radhika KothariGurgaon, India [ March - 2013 ]

After 5 years of marriage, I was not conceiving. But we accurately followed whatever he told us to do The precious stones he gave us, and the poojas to be performed. We went to a holy place , for this pooja. We then succeeded.

Mr. Rahul KhatriPune, India [ January - 2013 ]

It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that, Aug 2008 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that i will get a chance to work with a well known and large scale company, and yes! I got a job offer from one of the best companies in India in mid Aug 2008 and now I am working with them. Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definetly say that your prediction turned out to be accurate.

Ms. KavitaMumbai, India [ November - 2012 ]

Astrologer Ankit Sharma knows exactly whatever he is talking about. He doesn't speak heavy stuff like many other astrologers you may have come across. He focuses on perfect and efficient work, and the best possible results. He doesn't believe in marketing himself to woo you into paying. Before meeting him, I had spent lots of money for finding solution to my problems, starting from the best Tarot readers to many famous vedic astrologers of India. But, after getting his successful and reasonably-charged astrology solutions, I can now say that while with him, even one penny of your money is not wasted. You will certainly get manifold return from the money and other resources you give to him. You can contact me on my personal number which Ankit Ji can give you.

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