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Chandra Dosha - Chandra (Moon) Dosha and Its Effects

In Vedic or Hindu Astrology, the Moon is one of the most significant and vital planets in the birth horoscope of a person. The Moon represents all the senses and their abilities to perceive and feel things of life together with all colors and splendors present. Hence, good and high position, and favorable and supportive effects of the Moon (Chandra) are utmost desirable in the natal chart. Such situations will also be very comfortable and beneficial during the Mahadasha of Moon. The scarcity of such good and favorable conditions in the birth chart of a person are generally termed as the Chandra Dosha. The Mahadasha of Chandra occurs when the Moon is closest to the ruling Nakshatra (Constellation) of the person. During this phase, a weak, debilitated, or retrograde Moon may cause a variety of troubles or problems to the native. The paragraphs below offer more information about this chandra (moon) dosha and its effects, and how to remove chandra dosha, to help the concerned people of India and abroad.

What are the Possible Ill Effects of Chandra (Moon) Dosha?

One or more of the following ailments, troubles, and problems are likely because of this chandra dosha in one's birth horoscope:

How to Remove Chandra Dosha - Remedies for Chandra or Moon Dosha

Yes, it is quite possible to reduce or remove the evil effects of the chandra (moon) dosha, through some astrological and other measures. Some of the most effective and popular remedies for chandra or moon dosha, are the following: ---- few of these will suffice

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