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Cancer Compatibility for Love and Marriage with Other Zodiac Signs

The very emotional and temperamental sign of the zodiac group, cancer is the fourth sign. In a relationship, cancers are very loyal and determined in their relationships. The compatibility of cancers with other zodiac signs is discussed below. Every cancer must know about their love and marriage compatibility with other signs for a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Cancer - Aries Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The desire for improvement in both the zodiacs makes them a highly compatible couple with a relationship like art. Aries is up for exploring and doing different things whereas, cancer is calm and grounded which makes them both opposite but equally compatible for a relationship. Their love and compatibility in the relationship are high and last for the long term.

Cancer - Taurus Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Both these ambitious signs have a strong relationship and their chemistry gets stronger with each passing day. Taurus is attracted to Cancerians and both of them rarely face problems in their relationship but they need to be extra cautious in their approach in different situations.

Cancer - Gemini Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Gemini and cancers are two signs that are not compatible with each other as both have several differences that push them in opposite directions. Both the signs have opposite viewpoints on every topic and may develop arguments and misunderstandings. Cancers are very protective and gemini believes in faith. It takes longer for this couple to solve things. Even if the love goes well, it falls after a time.

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Cancer - Cancer Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Two cancers together make an amazing pair for love, relationship, and family. They both love deeply and care for each other. Both share common interests and hobbies that prove out to be a positive trait for their relationship. Even if problems arise in their relationship, they solve them and make their relationship work smoothly.

Cancer - Leo Compatibility for Love and Marriage

These both are powerful signs on their own levels. Leo promotes love in their interactions and has a big heart and cancer is very expressive. The emotional connection between the two is absent. The relationship between the two is lovable and playful.

Cancer - Virgo Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The relationship between virgo and cancer is strong but can face many clashes but if they overcome this then the mutual affinity and efforts make their relationship fantastic. Both virgo and cancer complement each other with their hearts.

Cancer - Libra Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The libra-cancer compatibility is high and both love being in an affectionate relationship. Incorrect assumptions in their relationship may get libra upset. If both partners maintain the understanding regardless of what happens when the relationship may work amazingly.

Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility for Love and Marriage

The communicative relationship between a scorpio and cancer is very strong and they can even communicate without using words. Cancers maintain a stable relationship but if a scorpio doesn't respect their own feelings then it may become difficult for them to maintain the relationship. If feelings are not expressed deeply then the relationship may fall downhill.

Cancer - Sagittarius Compatibility for Love and Marriage

These two signs are not normally attracted towards each other. If they are highly attracted and compassionate towards each other then the bond grows amazing and lovable but it is hard to expect a long-term relationship from these two. But as long as it lasts, the relationship is amazing. Sagittarius broadens their partner's perspective and makes them calmer.

Cancer - Capricorn Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Patience plays an important role in a Capricorn- cancer relationship. Past relationships may impact the present for them and make it difficult. They must deal with problems to make their relationship work but overall compatibility is high Compatibility.

Cancer - Aquarius Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Cancers and Aquarius are not the best pair and they lack intimacy but if they develop acceptance between them, the relationship grows great. Aquarius helps cancer to identify their uniqueness, and cancer takes up the duties in a relationship. But to maintain a long-term relationship the pair may face several problems.

Cancer - Pisces Compatibility for Love and Marriage

Cancer and Pisces are highly compatible being two water signs. These signs can pair with love at first sight. Lack of expressions can be a problem in the relationship but understanding can make it better and the overall compatibility is high.

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