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What is Shani Dosha?

Planet Saturn or Shani is one of the most significant and influential planets in Astrology. Hence, its location, nature, and abilities in the birth horoscope of a person are certainly immensely important and crucial. Son of the Sun, and elder brother of Yama (the God of death), though Saturn is considered as a malefic planet, it is also a planet of justice. As per Vedic Astrology, Saturn gives just results of one's good and bad deeds through appropriate rewards and punishments. This article describes the consequences when planet Saturn is ill-placed or is debilitated or retrograde in the birth horoscope of a person. Such situations as commonly referred to as the presence of Shani Dosha in the Kundli.

Now, this section is going to give answer to the common question "what is shani dosha?", and "when does it occur in a birth chart?". Then, the lower sections will give information about the causes, effects, and remedies of shani dosha, to help the concerned people of the world over.

Infamous Shani Dosh occurs in a natal chart, when the planet Saturn is either ill-placed in the chart or is rather weak/debilitated or is in a retrograde position in the birth horoscope. Conjunction of Saturn with Mars, or Moon, or Rahu, etc., may also create shani dosha. Here, it may be noted that Shani is exalted in Libra, and is debilitated in the sign of Aries. Again, location of Saturn in any of the Cardinal houses or in the eighth or twelfth house, especially in the Aries, Cancer, Leo, or Scorpio sign, creates substantial shani dosha in the birth chart.

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Shani Dosh Causes and Its Effects

This section contains very enlightening and securing information about the various shani dosh causes and its effects, to help the readers. As far as the causes creating shani doshas (afflictions) are concerned, these could be numerous and varied, which were committed by the native in his/her previous births. The following are some of such broad delinquencies or crimes which lead to shani dosha in birth horoscope of the present life of the native:

What are the Possible Ill Effects of Shani Dosha?

The following are the likely bad effects of shani dosha:

How to Remove Shani Dosha and Its Remedies

This section deals exclusively with the topic "how to remove shani dosha and its remedies", to help the concerned people of India and abroad. The measures for alleviating or eliminating the malefic effects of shani dosha listed below, are helpful both for lessening the shani dosha and mitigating the malefic influences of the Saturn during the period of Shani Sade Sati.

Some of the important remedies to remove shani dosha are following:

Best Astrologer for Shani Dosha Remedies

Shani Dev is hard to please. Though there are certain ways to gladden him, but one must not do those specific rituals or pujas on their own. You must have a professional mind or need someone who should be adept at accomplishing the shani dosha remedy.

Mythology reveals that- there can be serious negative effects of Shani Dosha (as we mentioned above) which may be exceedingly harmful to some souls. But, one must not panic in these adverse situations as shani dosha astrology has already discovered numerous ways to escape these unfavorable circumstances. Hence, it has everything in its kitty. Be it the information about-

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