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Shubh Muhurats For Business 2022

The generalized shubh muhurats for business 2022 are listed below, to enlighten and help businesspersons and entrepreneurs of India and abroad. In light of these shubh business muhurats in 2022, the most auspicious date for any specific person may be determined using the birth horoscope of the person. Naturally, this must be done with expert support of an erudite astrologer or Pandit Ji.

These highly auspicious business dates for starting a business in the year 2022 may profitably be used also for opening a shop, making any commercial transaction, or executing financial deals. It may be reiterated that starting a business on an auspicious date and with blessings of the God, is most likely to keep the business smooth and stable, profitable, and growth-oriented in all future times.

Besides, for a business person, knowing the right Muhurat and the correct time to proceed with the inauguration of any venture or the beginning of any business start-up is crucial. Without proper Muhurat timings, one should not do any puja or perform any ritual as it may create hindrances in the near future. Business problem solutions are underrated these days. People, especially those commencing any sort of new undertaking, must know that no special enterprise, be it a start-up, a factory, a showroom/shop, or any type of new business, need the blessings of Gods and Goddesses in many forms.

Hence, with the help of business astrology, it is advisable to find out the precise Shubh Muhurat as well as the timings. But, do you have someone who could certainly assist you with all these astrological services?

You are reading this content, which means you are just a click away. Connect to the genuine and best business astrologer who will succor you with favorable timings and more. He is our esteemed and most-qualified Guruji, Ankit Sharma Ji, with almost 20 years of wisdom, insights, and experience.

He not only knows the business astrology but is also a maestro in providing the information, foretellings, Shubh Muhurat, auspicious timings, and other details related to start-up business astrology too. Byt the grace of God, Ankit Sharma Ji is an ace in umpteen domains and renders peerless business problem solutions to the people who require it.

Furthermore, being the one-of-a-kind business astrology, he also gives tips, tricks, and immense knowledge about how to grow a business/brand in the market and mark yourself on the top in the best possible way. His advantageous guidance in this domain has made him the best astrologer in india in various ways. His passion for proffering the most suitable advice, helpful business suggestions, and the correct astrological solutions make him stand out in the crowd. So without any further ado, you are advised to contact him offline/online for all your business, venture, enterprise, shop, brank, showroom, factory, or other undertaking-associated concerns.

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Shubh Muhurat Business Dates Shubh Muhurat Business Timing
15 January 7:16 AM to 8:24 PM
22 January 10:39 AM to 2:05 PM & 4:31 PM to 7:57 PM
23 January 7:16 AM to 7:53 PM
24 January 7:16 AM to 8:43 PM
27 January 8:52 AM to 3: 28 PM
5 February 7:12 AM to 7:03 PM
6 February 7:11 AM to 4:22 PM & 5:58 PM to 6:59 PM
7 February 7:11 AM to 6:55 PM
10 February 11:08 AM to 6:43 PM
14 February 11:52 AM to 8:29 PM
18 February 4:42 PM to 8:20 PM
19 February 7:05 AM to 10:16 AM
16 April 7:40 AM to 9:14 AM
17 April 7:40 AM to 12:26 PM
23 April 7:35 AM to 9:10 PM
27 April 6:16 AM to 9:08 AM
4 May 5:51 AM to 9:05 AM
7 May 7:26 AM to 9:04 AM
8 May 7:26 AM to 12:23 PM
12 May 10:44 AM to 3:43 PM
13 May 5:45 AM to 10:42 PM
16 May 9:03 AM to 10:42 AM
20 May 8:46 AM to 10:41 AM
27 May 5:39 AM to 10:41 AM
1 June 10:43 AM to 12:24 PM
4 June 7:18 AM to 8:59 AM
8 June 10:44 AM to 12:25 PM
10 June 5:37 AM to 10:42 AM
16 June 10:45 AM to 12:27 PM
23 June 10:47 AM to 12:28 PM
24 June 5:39 AM to 10:45 AM
26 June 7: 21 AM to 12:29 PM
1 July 5:41 AM to 10: 46 AM
6 July 10:50 AM to 12:31 PM
7 July 10:50 AM to 3:59 PM
10 July 10: 25 AM to 12:31 PM
11 July 9:08 AM to 10:49 AM
14 July 10: 51 AM to 3:56 PM
17 July 7:28 AM to 12:32 PM
20 July 10:52 AM to 12:32 PM
21 July 10:53 AM to 3:55 PM
23 July 12:07 PM to 1:00 PM
24 July 7:30 AM to 12:34 PM
25 July 9:12 AM to 10:51 AM
29 July 5:54 AM to 10:52 AM
3 August 10:54 AM to 12:52 PM
4 August 10:54 AM to 3:51 PM
7 August 7:36 AM to 12:31 PM
10 August 10:54 AM to 12:31 PM
21 August 7:40 AM to 12:29 PM
22 August 9:17 AM to 10:52 AM
25 August 10:54 AM to 3:40 PM
29 August 9:18 AM to 10:51 PM
31 August 10:53 AM to 12:02 PM
7 September 10:52 AM to 12:24 PM
26 September 9:19 AM to 10:47 AM
24 November 8:17 AM to 9:34 AM
27 November 8:17 AM to 12:13 PM
28 November 9:37 AM to 10:54 AM
2 December 7:04 AM to 10:56 AM
4 December 8:22 AM to 12:16 PM
9 December 7:09 AM to 11:00 AM
To discover shubh muhurats for business 2022 suited to your birth chart, or organize any Pooja or hawan for business related activities, you may contact our well-resourced Guru Ji astrologer Ankit Sharma at: +91-98154-18307; or send your relevant mails to: info@AstrologerAnkitSharma.com .


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