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Vimshottari Dasha

The Vimshottari Dasha System is the most used and renowned dasha system in the Vedic or Hindu Astrology among as many as 42 dasha systems suggested by Maharishi Parashar. This vimshottari dasha system is commonly regarded as being rather simple, most accurate and scientific, and excellent enough to offer very useful and reliable results about the events of life. This concise but very informative and beneficial web-article offers brief information about this magnificent vimshottari dasha system of Indian astrology, and services of our globally admired astrologer guru ji for making very useful and securing predictions based on this system.

This most popular dasha system used by Indian astrologers, gives a universal pattern (a fixed cyclic order) for calculating the Mahadashas (Major or Great Planetary Periods) and Anterdashas (Minor Planetary Periods or Sub-Periods) of planets, through which the entire life of an individual may pass. Analysis of these mahadashas and anterdashas of planets reveals the possibilities and timings of certain good and bad events in the entire life of the person concerned. The Sanskrit term "Dasha" represents in Vedic Astrology a period of time which is dominantly influenced and ruled by a particular planet. Thus, the Dasha Pattern of this vimshottari system gives clear information about the planets which will be ruling at particular times.

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In the vimshottari (meaning 120 in Sanskrit) system of dasha calculations, the natural life of a human being is assumed to be 120 years, which is equal to the sum of the planetary periods of all nine planets. Starting from the very time of birth of a child, the vimshottari chart determines the beginning and end of the mahadasha of every planet, following a fixed cyclic order; the mahadasha of every planet has a particular fixed number of years, which is different from different planets. The fixed pattern of the mahadashas of planets, and the fixed number of years in the mahadasha of each planet, are as follows ---- Sun-6 years; Moon-10 years; Mars-7 years; Rahu-18 years; Jupiter-16 years; Saturn-19 years; Mercury-17 years; Ketu-7 years; and then, Venus-20 years. The position of the Moon in any particular constellation/Nakshatra (ruled by a certain planet) at the time of birth of a person, determines the mahadasha of that (ruling) planet, i.e., the mahadasha of any specific planet one is born under. A person can find birth under the mahadasha of any planet, and then after the end of this running mahadasha, the mahadasha of the next planet (as per the above-mentioned fixed cyclic order) will begin.

Vimshottari Mahadasha Prediction Life Report by Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji

Using the Vimshottari chart and analyzing the effects of all planets at any particular point/period of time, accurate predictions regarding events/results in various spheres of life of a person, can easily be declared by an expert and mellow astrologer, like our guru ji. And, thus, accurate and reliable answers to all questions arising in various spheres during any specific period or the entire life, can be found, in order to act something or live life wisely and securely. So far, the Vimshottari Mahadasha Prediction Life Report by Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji, has helped myriads who belonged to countries worldwide.

With or without drafting the natal chart of a person, our grand and globally renowned astrologer guru ji can generate genuine predictions regarding the possible/future events and occurrences in the following broad spheres of life (during the specified period or entire life), through use of the vimshottari dasha calculations:
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