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Star Signs (Yearly Horoscopes 2017)

Every star sign of the astrology zodiac has certain typical and distinguishing qualities, and hence, a distinctive nickname. Along with the most prominent nicknames for all twelve star signs (or sun signs), presented below are accurate and trustworthy horoscope forecasts 2017 for every of these sun signs, to help and secure people worldwide throughout the year 2017.

ARIES - The Daredevil (Mar 21 - April 19)

To Arians, year 2017 will be a very productive year in respect of business/professional growth and profitability. However, their expenses are likely to be huge in the months of March and April 2017, so they need to be thrifty. Health can be maintained strong if proper diets are taken timely. Marriageable single Arians are likely to tie the knot after September 2017. Lastly, to maintain or restore harmony and intimacy with lover or spouse, the Rams will need to be cooperative and generous, and go on soothing and connecting vacations together, when they find time to do so.

TAURUS - The Enduring One (April 20 - May 20)

Professional/commercial progress and profits are quite possible to the Bulls by dint of their creativities and innovations, especially in the second half of the year 2017; however, some hassles and hindrances are probable in business/career from time to time. Again, romances and love affairs of the bulls are to boom desirably in the year 2017. The year 2017 is very favorable to them for progress in artistic and spiritual fields. Necessary respites and proper meals taken regularly, will help in maintain health strong. Married Taurus people can get a new baby or love from children in the year.

GEMINI - The Chatterbox (May 21 - June 20)

Geminis can make the year 2017 hugely productive and gainful in nearly all important fields of life, if they proceed cautiously and wisely with persistent efforts. Avert the chances of ego clashes in workplace, particularly between February and May 2017. Due calmness combined with generosity will be needed in the last quarter of the year 2017 to keep up domestic peace and happiness. Nubile Geminis will be happy to find pleasing and perfect match for their respective marriage.

CANCER - The Protector (June 21 - July 22)

The Crabs will have to tackle diverse challenges, roadblocks, or difficulties from time to time throughout the year 2017, to become jubilant and gainful in various fields of life. The second part of the year 2017 seems more productive and favorable for progress in career/business, monetary gains, domesticity, love and relationships, and health. Due patience and tolerance, creativity and ingenuity, and undaunted courage and determination will be of great help to the crabs in the year 2017.

LEO - The Boss (July 23 - Aug 22)

Mixed and balancing results and outcomes are to be received by the Lions in the year 2017. Monetary gains and profits will be huge, but so will be the expenses; so it will be better to save some money thriftily. Luck will be favoring business or profession; and Leos may even win a bumper lottery sometime in the year 2017. For progress and growth in career or business, the second part of the year 2017 is more supportive and promising. Remaining calm, honest, generous, and controlling ego, will help Leos immensely for sorting things out easily and successfully in the spheres of occupation and domesticity.

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VIRGO - The Perfectionist (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

In the majority of most important sectors of life, Virgos will reap lavishly in the year 2017, particularly in the latter half. The first part of the year 2017 will demand diligence, suitable patience, and diplomatic handling of problems, for smooth progress. Substantial monetary gains and profits are most likely after the month of September 2017. Satisfactory developments and gains can be achieved by Virgos in occupation, love and relationships, marriage, family and domesticity, finance, and other fields of life in the year 2017.

LIBRA - The Harmonizer (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

The year 2017 is highly suitable for getting the fruits and benefits of works done in the past years by Libras, and achieve further progress and profits in various sectors of life in the year 2017. For smooth and satisfying progress in the fields of occupation, family and domesticity, and money and finances, the second part of the year 2017 is more promising. Along with sailing smoothly and dealing new growth opportunities with patience and creativity, Libras must spend some connecting and harmonizing time with lover or spouse, especially in the first half of the year 2017.

SCORPIO - The Intense One (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Year 2017 will be a rather gainful and wonderful year to Scorpios on many significant fronts. Single and marriageable Scorpios will additionally be boosted and rejuvenated by welcome and promising love affairs, particularly in the first part of the year 2017. But, ambitious and determined Scorpios must not let their work-pressures affect negatively their health and family. Kindly advised are ample nutrition and rest in their leisure periods, in order to remain fit physically and emotionally throughout the year 2017.

SAGITTARIUS - The Happy-Go-Lucky (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Sagittarians can certainly expect many new bright achievements and huge monetary and other gains in the year 2017. Career or business will demand refined approach and innovations, and also the courage to conquer obstacles, to provide bumper harvests. Substantial monetary gains are highly probable from real estate, particularly after September 2017. Though the personal life of Sagittarians may not be hassle-free, their respective social life will certainly be very progressing and uplifting. Moreover, year 2017 will be utmost propitious for rejoicing romance, love affair, and conjugal intimacy. Only some minor health problems such as skin allergies, are likely after September 2017.

CAPRICORN - The Go-Getter (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Good and high luck, huge and significant gains, and fabulously bumper harvests, are the staple produces in the year 2017 for Capricorns, in the majority of life's sectors. For achieving these all, required only will be mature thinking and innovations, due patience, and proper sincerity with kith and kin. Again, for obtaining these achievements and gains, in the arenas of occupation, finances, love and relationships, and domesticity, the second part of the year 2017 is more favorable and productive. For happy marriage of single Capricorns, the last quarter of the year 2017 is very auspicious.

AQUARIUS - The Sweetheart (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Analytical and innovative Aquarians are to make wonders and achieve immense gains in nearly all vital and influential segments of life in the year 2017. Again, the romantic and love affairs of single Aquarians are also to be grow and blossom lavishly in the year 2017, if they behave honestly and fully responsibly. Matters connected with occupation and finance will keep them rather busy, and the second part of the year will be much more fertile in these fields. Remaining calm, patient, and optimistic will give better results in all fields.

PISCES - The Dreamer (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Inherently sensitive, intuitive, and optimistic Pisceans will have a highly glamorous and marvelous year, in form of year 2017. For getting these all, they only require to nurture calm, patience, consistent work, and faithfulness to their respective lover or spouse. The first three quarters of the year 2017 will be very productive and gainful in the areas of occupation, love affair, marriage, finance, and building new and promising relationships. On health front, only some minor ailments are likely, particularly in the second half of the year 2017.

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