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To help our visitors and clients, presented on this webpage are some basic and pivotal information about vashikaran, and concise answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on vashikaran and services of our world-famous vashikaran specialist astrologer Ankit Sharma of India. Please bother to read this webpage, before placing a request for any vashikaran service. Our visitors/clients are also requested to send some relevant questions, which are not present on this webpage. Lastly, our satisfied beneficiaries should care to send their comments on the quality and efficacy of the vashikaran service they received individually, to help and guide other troubled people of the world over. Noteworthy comments and reviews from benefited clients, will be included in the Testimonials, with or without their individual identity, as they like.

What is Vashikaran ?

Vashikaran is an ancient, well-tested, and esoteric technique for bringing a person or a situation in one's favor and under one's control up to some extent, especially for certain good reasons and objectives. Virtuous and spiritual (beyond the religion, race, caste or creed) in nature, this positive vashikaran is basically different from the Black Magic, which is essentially casted for some evil objectives.

Any Vashikaran Mantra deals with the natural energies possessed by the targeted person(s) or situation, in order to bring the same under favor and control of another person (our client). The whole process of any vashikaran involves the uses of specific vashikaran mantra(s), a precisely accurate and safe method/way of casting, certain natural herb or vashikaran yantra, and a positive and benevolent intention. Today, vashikaran, vashikaran yantras, and lucky charms, are regarded as being very effective for solving problems related with almost all arenas of life. Initially, vashikaran techniques were in usage for making things favorable and getting positive benefits, and were considered highly elegant for keeping enemies at bay, and also for bringing wealth and good fortunes in lives.

Does Vashikaran Work ? How Can Vashikaran Vidhi Resolve Life Problems ?

Yes, certainly! As vashikaran deals with the energies of the mental waves and other natural energies, it just cannot fail in producing an effect. Hence, vashikaran is surely very effective for influencing the feelings, thoughts, and actions of the targeted person in certain ways, for meeting the specified objectives.

Thus, almost all problems, troubles, and disputes related with feelings and thoughts, are treatable through vashikaran services. However, the efficacy of vashikaran may differ from person to person, owing to the reasons mentioned somewhere below. The following broad categories of problems are surely and safely resolvable or removable through the world-famous vashikaran services of our veteran Vashikaran Specialist-cum-Astrologer Ankit Sharma of India:

What are the Benefits of Vashikaran ?

The major and outstanding benefits offered by the vashikaran services, are the following:

Are any Disadvantages of Vashikaran ?

Virtue-based and positive vashikaran performed flawlessly and with good intentions, gives only favorable and constructive results, with no harms or losses to anyone. But, a vashikaran which is performed for getting some wicked or unethical gains/benefits, is most likely to harm both the vashikaran-practitioner and the recipients, sooner or later. Again, the vashikaran practices done against honest and innocent persons for providing ignoble benefits to depraved people or for getting some personal gains, shall also harm the practitioner in the long run. These are due to the fact that the Creation is regulated and controlled by its own forces, virtues, and justice.

What are Myths about Vashikaran ?

The three most common and the biggest myths about vashikaran, are the following:

What Types of Information Do I Need to Avail Vashikaran Services ?

To avail globally-admired vashikaran services of our expert and kind Guru Ji for getting fast solution to the specified problem (pertaining to any of the broad categories mentioned above), the recipient (client) needs to furnish the following pieces of information ---- his/her name and date of birth; the name and date of birth of the targeted person (whom the recipient wants to influence and control); a photograph of the targeted person; in absence of the date of birth of the targeted person, his/her approximate age will do; and other relevant pieces of information about the recipient and the targeted person. Here, it must be noted that, our highly prestigious service-firm of global reliability, keeps all pieces of information related with its clients completely confidential, to respect and preserve their individual privacy and dignity.

When can I Expect to See the Results of Vashikaran? Is any Guarantee of your Vashikaran Services ?

The results of the vashikaran services of our veteran vashikaran specialist of global repute are seen generally within two to three months. However, in some cases, these are displayed within one month, or even within six months, depending upon the type and nature of the problem, characteristics and deeds of the concerned person, and his/her circumstances. Our august Guru Ji just does his best for providing solution to the specified problem within the shortest possible time, and leaves the remaining upon the wishes of the almighty God.

Again, as the level of efficacy and the time-taken vary from person to person, owing to the reasons stipulated somewhere above, we give no any guarantee regarding the complete or fast efficacy of our any vashikaran service. Also, in some rare cases, it might also be possible that the vashikaran service offered the least benefit.

Why should I Believe in Astrologer Ankit Sharma for Resolving my Problems by Astrology or Vashikaran ?

Astrologer Ankit Sharma does not need to convince his clients for believing in him anymore. It all depends upon his clients, whether they believe in him or not, seeing all pieces of information related with his personality, erudition and life's objectives, service experiences, and grand success of his vashikaran and astrological services in countries worldwide.

During last two decades, he helped myriads of troubled people located in the majority of Asian countries, numerous nations of Europe, many North American nations, Australia, and South Africa. Around 15,000 satisfied beneficiaries and disciples of him are now leading happy lives in these countries. Their warm, appreciating, and respecting comments and reviews come to him every year in large numbers, some of these reviews of his clients are presented as testimonials on his website. If these vashikaran and astrological services of him worked on them, and changed their sad and bleak lives to happy and bright ones, then, you are no exception. Possessing affluent and varied knowledge in astrology and vashikaran, and righteous and benevolent in nature, our Guru Ji astrologer Ankit Sharma just cherishes to help the troubled and suffering people of the world over through his disciplinary knowledge and life's experiences, for making his life constructive and meaningful. Many high and magnificent recognitions and awards won so far in the fields of astrology and vashikaran, adorn and dignify his grand personality, and contribute to his ever-growing global renown.

What is the Success Rate of Vashikaran Specialist Ankit Sharma Ji ?

The success rate of the vashikaran services of vashikaran specialist Ankit Sharma is over 90%. Only about 10% of his global clients received unsatisfactory or meagre results. Around 90% of his clients located in countries of the world over, got unexpectedly huge benefits and amazing results from his vashikaran services performed for solving various problems of life. According to Ankit Sharma, the reasons for these insufficient or meagre results could be rarity of their individual characteristics and karmic loads, complex nature of their problems, some adverse personal habits or activities, some paranormal factors, and many uncontrollable things associated with them.

In addition to performing flawless and utmost potent vashikaran for solving specific problem, he may offer any vashikaran yantra if need be, in order to make his service fully effective in due time. The vashikaran yantras (Amulet or Talisman) are provided after making those fully energized as per the personal details of the wearer and the target person. Hence, apart from his vashikaran therapies, his vashikaran yantras too have been utmost efficacious.

Can I do Vashikaran on Myself? or Can I Do Vashikaran on Home ?

Yes. If you like, you can do vashikaran on yourself or on your home, for curing certain problems. But, for substantial or the best possible success of the vashikaran therapy, you preferably need help of the most suitable and powerful vashikaran mantra(s), any duly energized vashikaran yantra, and the perfect casting/activation technique. Again, even if you get these all things, you may not be able to solve your problems impeccably; it is because, the professional vashikaran specialists also possess some highly-refined skills for making a vashikaran therapy most effective and safe, which are gained through expertise of decades. Hence, it is certainly the best to avail vashikaran services of an expert and benevolent vashikaran practitioner, for getting your problem solved impeccably and efficiently.

Is Vashikaran Scientifically Proven to be Effective?

Science is unable to present evidences in support of vashikaran. It is owing to the fact that science makes conceptions and theories based on the findings of practical observations & experiments. But, the elements & forces involved in vashikaran are just intangible to the eyes of the science. Science has been unable to discern and describe the vibratory supernatural powers which are generated by the rhythmic chanting of any specific vashikaran mantra, to tackle any given problem. Thus, science finds no practical proofs to cement a solid conception or theory regarding the vashikaran, and its action, efficacy, and scope. However, science and scientists cannot negate the effectiveness of vashikaran or the marvelous practical results which have been achieved through vashikaran.

But, it is a solid ground reality that vashikaran exists and solves problems, through use of the intangible supernatural energies & forces produced by diverse vashikaran mantras & rituals. Tracing its origin in India as back as to 1000 BCE, vashikaran has regularly been in practical use since then, for solving various life's problems. Today, vashikaran services are strikingly prominent worldwide for finding solutions and therapies for getting rid of diverse troubles and problems ever occurring in various areas of life. Our globally acclaimed Indian vashikaran specialist Guru Ji Ankit Sharma has alone healed and helped millions of suffering and frustrated people of the world over in last three decades.

Are there any Potential Risks of Vashikaran?

The positive vashikaran performed by a well-learned, veteran, and benevolent vashikaran specialist (like our world-famous Indian Guru Ji) is generally harmless, with no risks to the body or mind. However, the negative vashikaran practices or black magic spells can be seriously harmful, which are generally performed by witches, black magic casters, or mean & mercenary vashikaran practitioners. These evil practices or spells commonly use the negative or destructive energies of the body or the universe, to inflict damage to good people, along with meeting some base objectives. Thus, only the vashikaran services of positive and benign nature can be regarded as being completely harmless.

Here, it must solemnly be noted that vashikaran is a rather serious and scrupulous matter, which involves paranormal powers and influences. To make any vashikaran therapy utmost beneficial and harmless, the service-providing vashikaran expert must take into account all the following facts & features ---

The positive and superb vashikaran services of our Chandigarh-based Guru Ji Ankit Sharma have healed and helped myriads in nations worldwide in last three decades, along with building the life and fortune of millions.

What are Some Common Vashikaran Rituals or Practices?

Any vashikaran process or therapy essentially involves one or more vashikaran mantras and specific rituals, in order to create the required problem-solving supernatural energies and influences. Sometimes, the chanting of mantras, is also considered as being a ritual. The rituals in general, serve as the means for creating a conducive environment for vashikaran process, for channelizing the energies into the desired direction(s), and for enhancing the powers and effectiveness of the concerned vashikaran mantra/process. Further, different vashikaran therapies (for solving different problems) may use different rituals, but some rituals are quite common in the most of vashikaran processes/therapies. The following are some most common vashikaran rituals or practices ---

How can I Contact and Receive services from Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer Ankit Sharma ?

Contacting him and receiving his sovereign and generously-charged vashikaran services are rather easy and convenient. For these purposes, one can use the online means, or visiting in person, or both.


Clients are given proper and prompt responses, and solutions are generated swiftly after mature and comprehensive consideration and analysis of the given pieces of information. Guidance regarding the payment mode is provided after cognizance of the specified problem.

Disclaimer*No guarantee is given for the best results to All. Results may vary from person to person, owing to some uncontrollable reasons.
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