Client Questions

Sonam Sonker (Lucknow, UP)
My partner and I have a lot of arguments. What is the reason for this, and what are the astrology solutions?
Trivial to serious arguments and clashes between spouses (husband and wife) are quite common, owing to some astrological reasons & factors mentioned below. All-encompassing and opulent Vedic astrology can disclose all various reasons for the likely conflicts, disputes, and other spoiling or disastrous occurrences from time to time between the husband and wife, along with suggesting expert solutions for tackling all such issues efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. The astrology solutions have been hugely...
Sneha Lalwani (Chennai, Tamilnadu)
Can I take vashikaran services for controlling my husband without causing any harm to him?
Yes, of course. You can utilize positive and safe vashikaran services for controlling and mending your troublesome or irresponsible husband. Actually, the high-potential and positive vashikaran services are regarded very elegant for influencing favorably, controlling, and refining one’s spouse, without any harms to any spouse. Here, in your case, the vashikaran for husband is exclusively concerned, and therefore, the following paragraphs are going to present immensely beneficial information...
Bhavna Sharma (Bangalore, Karnataka)
Guru Ji i want to divorce my husband, but he won't leave. how can astrology remedies help me?
Vedic astrology can certainly help you in any of both the following cases --- (A) When you like to solve your problems with your husband, without getting divorce from him. (B) Or, when you opt for a rigorous divorce from your husband, to make your life hassle-free and happy. According to Vedic astrology, various unsettling, spoiling, or ruinous issues occur in the married life or domesticity, when there exist some or all of the following situations...
Ayusi Tyagi (Gurgaon, Haryana)
Guru ji Please tell me why don't i get true love in my life?
One cogent reason for this alleged scarcity of true conjugal love in your life, can be the presence of some serious afflictions, defects, or dosha in your birth chart. Meticulous observation of your birth chart (birth horoscope) by a well-learned and sophisticated astrologer, or preferably a best love astrologer of India or the world, can explicitly reveal the various astrological factors acting behind this dearth or unavailability of true, promising, and lasting conjugal love in your life till now.
Vidhya Tiwari (Kanpur, UP)
How to Get My Boyfriend Back in My Life by Astrology Remedies
Through creative, confidential, and reasonably-charged love astrology services, you can smoothly and surely get your boyfriend back in your solitary life, safely and in real time. This segment of Vedic astrology deals intensively and exclusively with all various possible problems in the love relationship of the native, and is also opulently capable enough to suggest excellent measures for permanent solutions to the problems. You need imperatively just a well-learned-and-experienced or preferably a best love astrologer of international renown for fulfilling your purpose impeccably.
Jyoti Dhiman (Noida, UP)
My partner and i argue frequently, is there any astrology remedy to solve such type of love problem?
Yes, certainly. The ancient, well-tested, and magnificent science of Vedic astrology certainly has surefire, safe, and expert solution for your problems in love relationship. The astrology remedy for love problems is cheaper and cost-effective also.
Taruna Pundir (Gurgaon, Haryana)
Astrologer Ankit Ji Please Tell by using Vashikaran Mantra on Someone can we get that Person?
Yes, certainly; and within a quite short time-duration. The positive and refined vashikaran has been one of the most effective and highly preferred means for alluring, controlling, and winning the desired person forever, since ancient times. Not only getting the target person or solving various love problems, this vashikaran is also rather efficacious in tackling all various life problems pertaining to its diverse spheres. However, for obtaining the best possible and safest results in genuine time-duration, utmost important is the right selection of a perfect vashikaran service-provider i.e. vashikaran specialist astrologer.
Sandhya Kamble (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Guru Ji Some astrologers say that no remedy works in astrology. We have to pay for our past life karmas and we can not change it. Is this true?
Firstly, and frankly, it must be noted carefully that the time-tested and magnificent science of astrology serves only as a trusted mentor and healer to the people for making their lives smoother, safer, and happier. It is also certainly true that there depend plentitude of life's matters upon the thoughts and deeds of a person, essentially including the outcomes of the past life karmas of the person. With the creative help of astrology any person can get the bulk of his/her problems eliminated or at least mitigated. However, some problems or sufferings (which could be the grave judicious outcomes from the wicked past lives of the person or native) may not be averted by astrology. After all, the whole universe is judiciously regulated and well-controlled by the omnipotent and justice-loving God.
Disclaimer*No guarantee is given for the best results to All. Results may vary from person to person, owing to some uncontrollable reasons.
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