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Ayusi Tyagi (Gurgaon, Haryana)
Guru ji Please tell me why don't i get true love in my life?

One cogent reason for this alleged scarcity of true conjugal love in your life, can be the presence of some serious afflictions, defects, or dosha in your birth chart. Meticulous observation of your birth chart (birth horoscope) by a well-learned and sophisticated astrologer, or preferably a best love astrologer of India or the world, can explicitly reveal the various astrological factors acting behind this dearth or unavailability of true, promising, and lasting conjugal love in your life till now.

The segment of Vedic astrology which deals exclusively with various problems ever occurring in the love relationship between two lovers, is generically called as the love astrology. The following are the most relevant astrological elements and factors in the love astrology, which must closely and insightfully be examined and analyzed for gauging the possibilities of the likely love problems in the life of the native, and also for determining truly efficacious love astrology remedies for love and relationship problems associated with the native ---

  • The overall conditions prevailing in the houses of 7th, 5th, 9th, 2nd, 8th, 11th, 6th, and 12th in your birth chart
  • The locations, zodiac signs, abilities, and associations of the lords of these houses in the chart
  • The statuses of planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Moon in your birth chart
  • The locations, signs owned, conjunctions, and strengths of Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Moon, and Mercury in the birth chart
  • And, presence of any serious afflictions, imperfections, or doshas (such as the mangal dosha or any kaal sarpa dosha) in the birth chart

In general, the spoiling, obstructive, or disruptive influences of malefic planets (Rahu, Saturn, Mars), and shortage of good graces from the benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus) become responsible for creating a variety of problems in the love relationship between two lovers, including the scarcity of true love in life of the native. An insightful and expert love astrologer can be capable of mitigating or eliminating the bad and ruinous effects of one or more malefic planets on the love relationship between lovers, along with boosting or enhancing the beneficial & securing influences of the benefic planets in the chart. Through creative Vedic astrology, almost all problems in love relationship between two lovers can intrinsically and excellently be solved, quite economically.

The solution for love relationship problems is to be generated after comprehensive and critical analysis of all above-mentioned astrological particulars of the given birth chart(s). For the best possible solution, the birth charts of both the lovers will be greatly desirable; the chart of at least one love partner will be compulsorily needed. Finally, solution measures are suggested to make the love relationship as well as love life of the lovers hassle-free, harmonious & loyal, and lasting lifelong. Depending upon the specific cases and problems, many or most of the following solution measures are generally suggested by the astrologers ---

  • Remedial, healing, and beneficial gemstone(s)
  • Specific Yantra or Vedic Mantra
  • And, suggestions for sincere worship of certain deities or liberal donation of specific things to the indigent needy

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