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Priyanka Badiger (Bangalore)
I need to know my Lucky Stone?

The Vedic astrology, which encompassed the Zodiac Sign Analysis and Numerology also, is indubitably, the most reliable and best science for revealing the most suitable, beneficial, and lucky gemstones for everyone on earth. This opulently broad and well-tested science has been helping the people of the world over, in respect of suggesting the most favorable gemstone(s) for the interested individuals since ancient times. Here, it may also be just mentioned that astrology is fully capable of solving almost all various life's problems and adversities.

Broadly, the determination of the most suitable and lucky gemstone(s) for any person, depends on the following astrological particulars ---

  • The birth Nakshatra and the Zodiac Sign
  • The Life Path Number (LPN) of the person (native)
  • And, the conditions of various planets in his/her birth chart

These all parameters or indicators can easily be known, seeing the Vedic birth chart of the person. Here, one should solemnly be noted that these all astrological parameters or facts are related with the native (the concerned person, whose birth chart is being observed) naturally, by the very advent of his/her birth in any time of any specific year. Hence, these facts are not changeable, and represent the life essences of the native. Therefore, in order to know all about your lucky stone, you just require to show or submit your Vedic birth Chart to a veteran and sophisticated gemstone specialist astrologer. Naturally, the most lucky and best gemstone for the native will be that gemstone which satisfies all above three parameters. Compelled by these constraints, any astrologer therefore, generally suggests two gemstones as auspicious and lucky stones for the native.

To explain how to finalize the best suitable or most lucky gemstone for any particular person, being presented below are some illustrative examples ---

  • For any person, particularly a female, who belonged to the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, and held the Life Path Number 2; the most beneficial and lucky gemstone will be Moonstone.
  • Similarly, for a person, especially a male, who pertained to the zodiac sign of Leo and the Life Path Number 1 (because of getting birth between two certain months and any specific year of the Gregorian calendar); the most lucky gemstone will be Ruby.
  • Again, for a person who belonged to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the Life Path Number of 5, the most lucky gemstone will be Aquamarine.
  • And, for a person who related to the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the Life Path Number of 3; the most beneficial and the luckiest gemstone will be Amethyst.

The Life Path Number (LPN) is the single-digit number which is obtained through successive summing up of all digits present in the complete date of birth of a person (which encompasses the day/date and month of birth and the year of the birth). The life path numbers, which fall under the category of the Master Numbers (such as 11, 22, and 33), are not to be added subsequently, and hold some special qualities and significance. Lastly, the prevailing conditions of diverse benefic as well as malefic planets may also be considered while selecting the most favorable gemstone(s) for the native.

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