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Sandhya Kamble (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Guru Ji Some astrologers say that no remedy works in astrology. We have to pay for our past life karmas and we can not change it. Is this true?

Firstly, and frankly, it must be noted carefully that the time-tested and magnificent science of astrology serves only as a trusted mentor and healer to the people for making their lives smoother, safer, and happier. It is also certainly true that there depend plentitude of life's matters upon the thoughts and deeds of a person, essentially including the outcomes of the past life karmas of the person. With the creative help of astrology any person can get the bulk of his/her problems eliminated or at least mitigated. However, some problems or sufferings (which could be the grave judicious outcomes from the wicked past lives of the person or native) may not be averted by astrology. After all, the whole universe is judiciously regulated and well-controlled by the omnipotent and justice-loving God.

Fortunately, the struggling, suffering, and precarious world can have rather efficacious and invaluable help from astrology for lessening or eliminating their respective troubles, as well as for anticipating or predicting various life problems & events, well in advance. The astrological solution measures like curative and beneficial gemstones, yantras, and suggestions for specific worships and donations, have been helping, soothing, and making progressive & prosperous the troubled and obstructed people of the world over since ancient times, along with forecasting some momentous and astonishing events of national and global importance from time to time. The immense and great relevance and importance of astrology is fortified by the facts that the bulk or most of the astrological predictions based on the birth charts of the people of the world over have been coming true and authentic. Even the majority of astrology-based forecasts related with diverse country-specific or globally significant events have been proved true.

On the whole, as conclusion, it is indubitably wise to take creative help from dependable astrology for getting relief, peace, success, and happiness in life. However, the selected service-providing astrologer should preferably be amply well-learned, experienced & sophisticated, and reliably successful & renowned.

Thanks, and best wishes to All.

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