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Bhavna Agarwal (Delhi)
My Boyfriend Broke up with Me I want Him Back, Is It Possible by Astrology?

Yes, surely possible. You can easily, economically, and certainly get your boyfriend back after he broke up with you, owing to any reasons, with help of excellent astrology or positive vashikaran services. Both these very effective means have been globally popular for solving diverse love and relationship problems, and various other life's problems also. Provided below are descriptions related with both these highly efficient options separately to help you in getting your boyfriend back in your life again.

The segment of Vedic astrology which exclusively deals with various love relationship problems, including the breakup problem solution, is generically called as the love astrology, and forms an essential part of the broad astrology. The astrology solution which will be based on your birth chart (and if possible, the birth chart of your parted boyfriend also), will be resolving or removing all different types of disputes and separating factors which existed in between you both in the past, along with creating ambiance for your reconciliation and reunion. Finally, after complete relevant observation & analysis of the given birth chart(s), the solution measures will be suggested in the forms of curative & favorable gemstone, specific yantra or Vedic mantra, and specific worships and donations


All different matters responsible for disputes and discord between you both are resolvable through expert astrological measures. These matters may be related with personal, conjugal or mutual, familial, astrological, and socio-economic spheres. In general, the following astrological particulars are responsible for problems in love relationship and love breakup --- poor & unsupportive conditions in the houses of 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 2nd, 8th, 6th, and 12th in the chart; means conditions & statuses of the lords of these houses in the given chart; troubling, obstructive, or disruptive influences of Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Moon, or Mercury; debilitated or afflicted statuses of Venus and Jupiter; and presence of any serious dosha in the chart of any love partner, such as the mangal dosha, or any pertinent kaal sarpa dosha.

On the other hand, the positive love vashikaran seeks to solve your problems through the paranormal powers & influences created by using specific love vashikaran mantras (suitable to you and your boyfriend, and the problems between you), supportive herbs & rituals, and refined vashikaran techniques. This vashikaran option is also incredibly well-capable of solving all types of problems ever occurring in between two love partners. The high efficacy and complete harmlessness can also be ensured, if the service-provider be a well-learned-and-experienced and a best love vashikaran specialist of high and wide renown. Thus, by this option also, you can surely and swiftly get your boyfriend back, to lead a happy and stable love life.

For availing love vashikaran solution, the name and a recently-cast colored photograph of your boyfriend will also be required, in addition to your online or in-person presence. This vashikaran solution is also swift in action and provides the desired results quite quickly. Therefore, soon after this vashikaran therapy, your parted boyfriend will be getting allured and attracted to you again, with the intents to establish a harmonious, happy, and lasting love or marital relationship.

Thanks, and best wishes to All.

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