Question 11

Sheetal Rathore (Ghaziabad, UP)
I want to do a love marriage, Will my boyfriend and I be able to proceed with a love marriage?

It all depends on how you both handle the affairs of love relationship and love marriage, and also on taking some necessary help from the astrology or positive vashikaran measures. However, here only the love marriage problem solution by astrology is being described in brief, to make your love marriage successful, despite the presence of some serious obstacles.

At this juncture, here it may just be kindly informed that a love marriage or interethnic marriage is essentially a matter of sincere & lasting conjugal love, mutual harmony & loyalty, and the promise & commitment towards living a generous life together. To make you love marriage successful, each of you both needs to take proper care about these vital facts. Further, as far as astrology is concerned, this well-tested and marvelous science can surely provide surefire solutions for all those problems or hurdles which may not easily be solved or removed by any of you through personal or mutual efforts. Broadly, all the following disputes or hurdles ever occurring to a love marriage can be eliminated by any widely renowned or a best love marriage specialist astrologer in short spans of time -

  • Some specific conflicting, hurting, or unsettling differences between you both, based on personal or natural characteristics or attitude, familial or social backgrounds, educational or occupational statuses, outlooks & lifestyles, and ambitions in individual life
  • Certain perilous or formidable differences or doshas between the birth charts of you both
  • Specific objections or obstructions to love relationship or love/interethnic marriage of you, ever put forth by the family or community of any partner
  • Gradually diminishing mutual allure, love, or concern between you; or absence of firm mutual consensus for the love marriage or interethnic marriage
  • Regular or rigid interferences by a third person into your cozy affairs of love or love marriage
  • And, problems like some serious misunderstandings, dull love life, and difficulties associated with love enrichment or convincing the other partner in support of love marriage

For determining solutions for any above-listed problems, the following astrological particulars are examined, analyzed, and evaluated - conditions existing in the houses of 5th, 7th, 11th, 9th, 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 12th; the placements, strengths, and influences of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury on these houses and on the lords of these houses; and, presence of any serious doshas (such as the mangal dosha, kaal sarpa dosha, rahu dosha, chandra dosha, etc.) in the birth chart of any love partner.

The astrological solution measures generally involve some of the following --- curative gemstone(s); some favorable gemstones like Rose Quartz, Ruby, etc.; any supportive yantra (like the 'Sampurna Karyesu Yantra' or 'Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra' invented by astrologer Ankit Sharma); and beneficial worships and donations.

Thanks, and best wishes to All.

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