Question 6

Bhavna Sharma (Bangalore, Karnataka)
Guru Ji i want to divorce my husband, but he won't leave. how can astrology remedies help me?

Vedic astrology can certainly help you in any of both the following cases ---

  • (A) When you like to solve your problems with your husband, without getting divorce from him
  • (B) Or, when you opt for a rigorous divorce from your husband, to make your life hassle-free and happy

According to Vedic astrology, various unsettling, spoiling, or ruinous issues occur in the married life or domesticity, when there exist some or all of the following situations in the birth chart of anyone or both the spouses ---

  • When there exist mean (poor), unsupportive, and turbulent conditions in some or all the following houses of the chart --- 7th, 2nd, 8th, 5th, 11th, 9th, 6th, and 12th, due to location or influences of various planets onto these houses.
  • When the lords of these houses are ill-placed, debilitated or constrained, or associated with some malefic planets in the chart
  • When there occur troublesome, obstructive, or disruptive influences of Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Sun, or Moon on the above-mentioned houses or/and their lords in the given chart
  • When the locations, abilities, or statuses of planets Venus and Jupiter are poor, restrained, or not very favorable to harmonious & stable conjugal union
  • When there exist some afflictions or doshas (such as the mangal dosha, any kaal sarpa dosha, or nadi dosha) in any chart, or some rifting dissimilarities between the birth charts of the spouses

Depending upon the case (A) or (B), the conditions, effects, and statuses of above-mentioned houses and planets will be altered or modified by the astrologer. In the case of (A), improved will be the conditions prevailing in the said houses, and the negative and troubling effects of Rahu, Mars, or Saturn will be mitigated or just fully eliminated, to promote lasting harmony between the spouses. The good and favorable effects of benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus will also be well-facilitated or enhanced to boost succulence and satisfaction in the married life. The ill effects of any dosha (any of the above-specified dosha) will also be mollified or nullified to promote peace and coziness in the marital union. And, in the case of (B), all astrological particulars will be wisely modified to favor and promote the desired divorce from your husband. Things will also be changed to make your like after divorce smooth, progressive, wholesome, and amply favorable to building a new happy marriage in near future.

In any case, especially in the case of (A), the astrology remedies will generally involve anyone or more of the following solution-measures, depending on specific problems present ---

  • Efficient curative and helpful gemstone(s)
  • Certain remedial or/and favorable Vedic Mantra or Yantra
  • And, committed worship of certain God or Goddess; and generous donation of specified objects to the indigent needy

Lastly, it may also be just informed that all various types of conflicts, disputes, and problems with spouse can easily, cost-effectively, and safely & confidentially be solved or eradicated through creative help of Vedic astrology, to make the married life and domesticity peaceful, harmoniously succulent & satisfying, and affluently smug. These problems, anomalies, and adversities may ever relate to the personal, conjugal or mutual, astrological traits & nature, familial, financial, occupational, or social.

Thanks, and best wishes to All.

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