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Sonam Sonker (Lucknow, UP)
My partner and I have a lot of arguments. What is the reason for this, and what are the astrology solutions?

Trivial to serious arguments and clashes between spouses (husband and wife) are quite common, owing to some astrological reasons & factors mentioned below. All-encompassing and opulent Vedic astrology can disclose all various reasons for the likely conflicts, disputes, and other spoiling or disastrous occurrences from time to time between the husband and wife, along with suggesting expert solutions for tackling all such issues efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. The astrology solutions have been hugely and perennially popular and highly preferred since ancient times for solving various husband wife relationship problems in India and numerous countries worldwide.

In general, some or most of the following astrological particulars, situations, and factors are responsible for the various types of clashes, incompatibilities, and rifts between the husband and wife-----

  • Poor, often changing, and unfavorable conditions in few or most of the following houses of the given chart (pertaining to any spouse) --- 7th, 9th, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 6th, and 12th.
  • Debilitated or constrained conditions or ill placements of the lords of above houses in the given chart
  • Mean or afflicted statuses of Jupiter, Venus, and Moon in the chart
  • Negative, unsupportive, obstructive, or disruptive influences of Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, or Sun on some or most of the above-specified houses and their lords, and planets
  • And, presence of certain doshas, such as the Nadi Dosha, Mangal Dosha, or any relevant Kaal Sarpa Dosha, in the birth chart of any spouse

Further, through creative and safe support of astrology solutions, the following all various categories of husband wife disputes can be resolved, mitigated, or fully nullified in real time, and without any harm to any spouse ----

  • Disgusting or distancing differences in the natural traits, habits, and attitudes of the spouses
  • Shortage of due mutual love & trust, allure & affinity, and concern & loyalty between the spouses
  • Spoiling or depressing issues of sexual apathy, disgruntlement, or discontent between the spouses
  • Unsettling differences related with the educational & occupational levels, financial or social statuses, outlooks & lifestyles, and life’s aims & priorities of the spouses
  • Presence of some serious and perilous differences, doshas, and dissimilarities between the birth charts of the spouses
  • Unreasonable, excessive, or rude interferences by the in-laws or relatives into the private affairs of the husband and wife
  • Matters related with delay or dearth of progeny
  • Specific bad habits, secret health ailments or debilities, or any recently revealed past mistakes of any spouse
  • Irresponsible or disloyal extramarital affairs of any spouse; or stubborn presence of any powerful and rigid third person in between the spouses
  • And, some personal, occupational, financial, or social hassles or hazards of any spouse

Thus, there are available efficacious and fast astrology solutions for almost all types of husband wife misunderstanding problems of varying nature and intensity. After comprehensive and meticulous observation of the birth chart of one or both the married partners, an erudite and sophisticated astrologer can easily determine rigorous, efficient, and excellent solutions for all such problems. In general, the astrology solution for quarreling couples makes use of the following one or more measures, depending on specific cases ---

  • Ace-quality curative as well as favorable gemstone(s)
  • Specific Vedic Mantra for regular chanting, till the problem is over
  • Worship of specific God or Goddess earnestly
  • Certain remedial and beneficial Yantra
  • And, munificent donation of specific things to the indigent needy people and some animals or birds

Thanks, and best wishes to All.

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