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Role of Astrology in Life

Nobody can deny the role of astrology in our modern life. Astrology or Jyotish is an ancient analytical system that can reveal your past, present and future. In India, astrology has its roots in earliest Vedic scriptures and predicts events related to one's life. Over the years, astrology has gained the importance of the spiritual core of the Indian society.

Indian Vedic astrology analysis is much more in-depth as compared to its western or Chinese counterparts. In western and Chinese astrology, the predictions are based on the date of birth of the concerned person whereas in Indian astrology place and time of birth are also used as inputs along with the date of birth which makes the predictions more accurate. By analyzing the horoscope made using these inputs; astrologers try to resolve your life's problems and warn you about future challenges.

The role of astrology is wider than we realize.Astrology has solutions to many such problems mentioned above; all you need is correct direction from an astrologer who is well-conversant with astrology.

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How astrologer Ankit Sharma resolves your problems by astrology

You must be wondering that how astrology services resolve your life'sproblems. Let's understand this. As indicated above, astrology is not limited to future predictions only; it also finds out remedies for your existing problems as well. Renowned astrologer Ankit Sharma studies the position and configuration of nine planets in twelve houses of your horoscope.

In astrology, each of these twelve houses represents some vital aspects of your life. Seventh house, for example, is known as the 'House of Partnership' and it determines your relationship with your spouse and business partners.

After studying the position of the planet in a particular house, he tries to determine its nature (whether it's malefic or not), its strength, and its influence on various houses of the given horoscope. After comprehensive analysis he provides precise predictions to his clients.

Correct predictions based on your horoscope can resolve the most challenging problems of your life. All you need is guidance from distinguished astrologer like Mr.Ankit Sharma whose unparalleled prediction ability has won him clientele from across the world. Apart from being a great astrologer, he is a professional psychic reader, numerologist, mediation guru, healer and vastu specialist also.

Astrologer Ankit Sharma strengthens the weak planets in your horoscopes through mantras, gemstones, spiritual healing and meditation to improve upon their strength. His predictions help you plan the course of success on all important matters related to health, career, finances, business, marriage, love and relationships. He will analyse every aspect of your birth-chart and prescribe appropriate remedies to you. To avail his astrology services, you can Call at +91-98154-18307 or Mail at


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