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Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2020-21

People born between December 22 and January 19 in any Gregorian year are assigned the tenth Zodiac Sign of Pisces. To enlighten, help, and give a boost to their progress in various fields of life in 2020, provided here is the Pisces yearly horoscope 2020, covering many most significant fields of life. The astrology predictions given here are generated after meticulous observation and insightful analysis of the concerned things, to make these highly accurate, reliable, and very useful. We wish Pisces of the world over a very happy and prosperous year 2020!

General Horoscope 2020-21 for Pisces People

The year 2020 is all about planning about the future as your energy level will be quite high. The second quarter of the year will bring some major changes in life which will require some tough decisions. This year investing in property will not give significant results. House related issues will have to wait this year. Due to planetary movements, there might be stress at job front. A job change is not suitable in the April 2020. Harsh words can hurt people, so try to maintain a soft tone with everyone. Work-related travel is quite probable, but it will be expensive. Keep a check on your health in the second part of the year. All those who are giving government exams have to work hard for success. The year-end is sure to bring you substantially profitable news about income and promotion.

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Love Horoscope 2020-21 for Pisces People

The year 2020 has mixed results in terms of love. The year starts with minor disputes between lovers. The period after April will be harmonious and peaceful with your life partner. Those who are single, have high chances of meeting a potential partner while traveling. But this kind of relationship will be short termed. Your partner might seek out for some financial help from you. The year-end is highly auspicious for a love marriage. A trip in the month of June will ignite the passion between you and your partner, bringing you both closer. Intimacy with your partner will increase in October and you will spend quality time with your partner.

Marriage Horoscope 2020-21 for Pisces People

This year is the most beautiful year for the one who wants to get married. You will find the most compatible and desirable person in the second half of the year. The year 2020 calls all those who have been waiting to get married for some time. All those who are married will have a delightful year and this will certainly boost your relationship. You will create beautiful memories with your loving life partner. Spend time with your spouse and make them feel special. There might be minor rows between couples in the month of August which might make your relationship suffer. But this difficult time is not here to last long, and your problems will start to subside by the last quarter of the year. You might plan a long enjoyable journey with family.

Business Horoscope 2020-21 for Pisces People

The financial horoscope for the year 2020 is stated as a stable one. The year starts with monetary profits for the Pisceans but does not spend recklessly. There are chances of an unexpected profit situation for small scale workers. Be very cautious when investing in property as a wrong decision can result in a huge loss. Investing in the share market in the mid of the year will provide high returns. Previous investments will provide monetary gains. Parental property will turn out to be an asset for those who need financial assistance. As the year comes to an end your financial status will become smooth. This year you will adopt a luxurious lifestyle owing to cash abundance all through the year. Avoid giving or taking a loan in 2020, there will be no positive outcome.

Career Horoscope 2020-21 for Pisces People

It is a profitable year for the Pisceans, with an increase in income and more work opportunities. Those in a job with have a mixed year with chances of change in the line of work. Be very careful while doing a partnership with anyone. Business owners need to stay alert and take calculated decisions after the first quarter of the year. The ever-increasing workload might cause stress. The month of September is beneficial for starting a new business. Business trips to foreign nations will become profitable for you. If looking for a new job, the chances are high in the first quarter of the year. Some difficulty in work is possible in the month of April. New projects are coming your way, work diligently as your performance will be monitored. There is a massive chance of promotion and increase in reputation.

Health Horoscope 2020-21 for Pisces People

In the year 2020, you are filled with energy and enthusiasm that will help you to achieve your goals. Changing weather might have an impact on your body leading to cough and cold. The second half of the year might involve some heart disease so do not sit idle and engage in some outdoor activities. If you have a headache or problems related to the head, then immediately pay a visit to doctor. The period between April and August will be a little difficult in terms of health. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly if you are a working person with a sitting job. Compromising on proper sleep might affect your health as well as your work performance. Take care of what you eat because there might be digestion problems in the body. Those suffering from heart disease need to be extra attentive about themselves. Women should maintain their reproductive health and consult a doctor if required.

Advice and Suggestion for Pisces People for Year 2020-21 from Astrologer Ankit Sharma JI

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