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Get a Job or Start a Business?

Taking firm decision about one's stable occupation, is indeed an utmost significant decision in one's life. Hence, help of occupational astrology must also be taken, in order to discard any confusions or obscurities related with one's career. The best possible decision in this connection would be supported both by astrology and the interest & resources of the person. Broadly, a person can opt for a job/service or a business, in the cherished field of profession or business respectively. This webpage gives enlightening and useful information regarding 'business or job as per astrology', to help students and other people concerned.

Whether to get a job or start a business, is decided based on the analysis of the birth chart of the concerned person. The Vedic astrology is also sophisticated enough to locate even any specific field of business or service, after declaring suitability of either business or service for the native. It may also be noted that success, fame, and wealth in any business or service is largely influenced by various astrological elements and factors. The sections below give further elucidation on this topic, along with answer to your question "what my kundli says about my career?", to guide and support people in taking this vital decision of their respective life.

Our Guru Ji, astrologer Ankit Sharma is at present, one of the most famous and top astrologers in India and countries across the globe, who has been serving the distressed and frustrated people of the world over for at least two decades, through solving and removing their respective problems pertaining to various realms of life, including the realm of occupation. His impeccable and marvelous services based on the business astrology or job astrology have been hugely successful and commended so far, rendering him as one of the top and highly trustworthy career astrologers in India and countries worldwide.

Decide whether you need to Do Business or Job through Astrology or as per your Kundli

After examining and analyzing your birth chart, our guru ji can firmly tell you which occupation is most suitable and profitable for you. He can also inform you which field of business or service will be appropriate for you for achieving huge success, fame, wealth, etc. According to our globally-acclaimed astrologer, selecting a career (business or service) should better be in close consistency with your birth chart or janam kundli. Here, it may also be noted that only a well-learned, sophisticated, and internationally renowned astrologer can be hoped to provide the best possible career guidance with authentic predictions.

It may be here mentioned that for success, fame, and wealth in any business or service, one essentially requires certain appropriate and favorable talent and qualities, such as relevant intelligence and acumen, diligence, foresight, due patience, honesty, and congeniality. Again, selecting any particular business or service may also be influenced by availability of deep and lasting interest and ready resources. But, in addition to considering these all factors, the astrological aspects should also be taken into account, in order to take a firm and satisfying decision regarding one's stable and primary occupation in life.

According to Vedic astrology, the following things related with the occupation (Business or Service) are noteworthy in general. The tenth house of any birth chart is mainly and primarily related with the stable occupation of the native. This occupation could be a business in any field, or a service in any profession. Hence, for easy and huge success in any occupation, the tenth house of the natal chart of the native must be strong, auspicious, and favorable. Also, besides this tenth house, many other houses of the chart, various characteristics associated with these houses, locations and abilities of various most relevant planets and Zodiac Signs, location and capabilities of the lord of various relevant houses (especially of the tenth house), and diverse supportive or obstructive yogas or astrological/planetary combinations, etc., are also taken into account, for determining the most suitable and promising occupation for the native.

Our veteran and globally-popular business astrologer of India analyzes comprehensively and insightfully all these astrological elements and factors, for solving all various issues and problems related with the occupation of a person. Just for informational help to the visitors and clients, the following facts related with an occupation are being stipulated here --- if the tenth house makes strong connections with or is influenced favorably by the particulars related with the sixth, second, eleventh, and ninth houses, then the native would be most likely to become very successful in any specific service; on the other hand, for becoming successful and prosperous in any business, the tenth house should make strong and beneficial connections with or get influenced favorably by the houses of seventh, second, eleventh, third, fifth, and ninth of the chart. Meticulous details of the chart help also in determining the most suitable and prosperous field of a business or service.

How Can Business and Career Astrologer Ankit Sharma ji Help Me for Making my Career Progressive?

Our one of the best business and career astrologers of India with worldwide reach and reliability, astrologer Ankit Sharma extends impeccable solutions and efficacious curative remedies for making the occupation of a person in any economic field rather progressive. These services of him may be harnessed both by the students concerned with career selection, and already engaged people in various economic fields. The solution-measures and remedies will be based on the birth chart of the concerned person and some relevant information related with his/her proposed/existing business or service.

After perfect and scrupulous examination and analysis of the birth chart of a person (working or non-working), our ace occupation astrologer suggests surefire and cost-effective solutions for achieving few or all of the following tasks:

How Can I Take Help from Business/Career Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji ?

Distressed or disappointed people, both working or non-working, may readily call over: +91-98154-18307; or send their queries or sincere requests at:; for making their respective occupation (any business or service) hurdle-free, progressive, and successful.


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