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Poojas and Homams

भगवान मूर्तियों मे नहीं है आपकी अनुभूति आपका ईश्वर है आत्मा आपका मंदिर हैं

Various types of Poojas and Homams are also performed or facilitated by our grand Pandit ji Ankit Sharma for meeting many different positive, curative, and auspicious objectives. So, far, numerous people, firms, temples, companies, and institutions mainly located in India in all across the country, have utilized these poojas and homams for achieving great and fabulous results and benefits. This webpage covers exclusive information about the puja and homam services by astrologer ankit sharma, who is at present, one of the most reputed and leading personalities in India and the whole world in the fields of astrology (including Nadi astrology), numerology, psychic reading, vaastu, removal of black magic, meditation and natural healing, etc.

The types of Poojas, Homams, Prasanams, Temple Pradhistas, Utsavams, and so on, are separately informed in the section below. Here, in this section, being provided is enlightening and beneficial information about the problems which can be eliminated, alleviated, or pacified, through the help of these well-tested religious and other curative measures and rituals. Though these auspicious, religious, and curative activities and functions are capable of solving or removing almost all major and serious problems and troubles, the most significant of these worth mentioning are the following --- bad and negative effects and influences of various evil powers or black magic of malevolent people; harms from powerful malefic planets in birth chart; inauspiciousness at homes, offices, industrial, or commercial buildings and sites; obstacles and hindrances to things and matters in various fields of life; and, eradication of any negative or bad influence of the natural or man-made forces, in order to make something sacred, most auspicious and favorable, and profitable.

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Puja and Homam Services by Astrologer Ankit Sharma

The number of Poojas, Homams, Prasanams, Temple Pradhistas, Utsavams, and Kalasams obtainable with support of our grand and virtuous pandit ji, is over 300. Favorable and miraculous effects and benefits of these functions and ceremonies may be received by parents, students, businesspersons, professionals, investors, families, industrialists, offices, companies, celebrities, and religious trusts and organizations.

The main types of Poojas (Pujas) performed by us are Temple Pradhistas & Poojas, Bhoomi Poojas, Navagraha Shanti Poojas, Dwadhasanama Pooja, Shodasanama Pooja, Pithrudosha pooja, Ashtaksharanama pooja, Kuruthi Pooja, Vastu Bali Pooja, etc. While, the most significant varieties of Homams facilitated by us are Ganapathi Homam, Sudharsana Homam, Mirthyunjaya Homam, Navagraha Parihara Homams, etc. And, various kinds of Prasanams supported by us are Deva Prasanam, Astamangalia Prasanam, Thamboola Prasanam, Deepa Lakshanam, and so on. In addition to these, we also perform functions and activities like Navagraha Dosha Nivirthi, Bhagavathi Sewa, diverse Utsavams and Kalasams, Astabandhana Kalasam, Panchagavyam, Kodi Aetam, and many more.

To organize any of the above-mentioned remedial, religious, and auspicious functions and ceremonies, please contact us at: +91-98154-18307; or just mail your queries or problems to: from any part of India, or the whole world.


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