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Why Me God?

It is a general and most common question asked by people of the world over from the almighty God, especially when they are in some kind of trouble or tragedy. People think that God is not caring for them at all, and they are thus singled out and victimized by Him. Some examples of such complaints against God, are the following:

Actually, God is not betraying or victimizing us, or singling us out! It is our belief system that compels us to think like this. God can never be unfair or cruel to us, but He is solely responsible for right judgment. His leniency and generosity are extensively fathomless. We just need to take things the right way. By thinking like this, we are committing slight or serious offence to his unbiased and great justice and benevolence.

The flawed belief system or conception, which has been founded and developed with support from our parents, teachers, books, life experiences, etc., ignores more or less the omnipotence and justice of God in connection with the worldly matters also. Moreover, this belief system does not take into account the bad deeds and sins committed by us in our previous lives. Again, under the inherent influence of this belief system, we are not sincerely accustomed to leave temporal things on to the wishes and justice of God; we only emphasize on the fact that we did do everything for getting something or attaining the desired security.

The learned, sages, and religious persons enlighten that, we are born to be victors and not victimized. We just have to trust fully and permanently in justice and generosity of God, and leave everything of life to Him, and every event in our lives should be treated as corrective one or gift/grace of God (James 1:2). Again, He is potent and benevolent enough to create something good out of every situation, for those people who love Him and trust immutably in Him (Romans 8:28). When we ask "Why me God?", we don't believe in the justice of Him, and make our circumstances more important than the Almighty. We are actually ignorant of the temporariness of this life, and the eternity of life with Him, caused by our narrowly defined and inaccurate views.

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