Yearly Horoscopes 2018-19

Provided kindly and benevolently are the yearly horoscopes 2018-19 for all twelve Sun Signs of the Zodiac. The horoscope predictions contained under each of these zodiac signs are generated after comprehensive and scrupulous observations and analysis, and are therefore, accurate enough to be fully reliable. We hope these horoscope forecasts for the year 2018 will help people greatly, who belong to all twelve signs of the zodiac and reside in India and countries all across the whole world.

These intelligent, constructive, and highly securing astrology predictions capture all vital and most significant spheres of life in the year 2018. These spheres cover love and romance, health, work and career, money and finances, marriage, relationships with kith and kin, etc. It is expected that after getting knowledge about the possible status and magnitude of luck in various fields of life mentioned above in the year 2018, the people will be prepared in advance for making the fields optimally productive or fruitful, and also for reducing or eliminating the risks or harms possible in one or more fields in the year 2018. Interested people belonging to various Sun Signs may request from our world-famous and one of the leading astrologers of India and countries across the world, for impeccable and in-depth horoscope forecasts 2018 for love, business, career, marriage, and family life, to make the year 2018 optimally progressive, peace-giving, and prosperous.

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Horoscope Predictions 2018 for All Sun Signs

Provided below are highly credible and beneficial horoscope predictions 2018 for all sun signs of astrology zodiac, to inform and help people of the world over:

Aries Horoscope 2018-19:

Ruled by Mars, adventurous and innovative Arians (March 21 - April 19) are to enjoy a very progressive, smooth, and fortunate year 2018 in the spheres of love & romance, married & family life, business and career, and health, favored by planets Saturn and Jupiter. In general, the first three quarters of the year 2018 will be supportive to growth and gains in these spheres. For marriages of the Rams, the most auspicious and promising period will be from March to June 2018. Arians in the fields of sales, marketing, and arts will be prospering most in the year 2018. The probable health ailments cover chest and joint pains, cardiac problems, and problems related with breathing. And, as per aries horoscope 2018, times after October 2018 will be giving much financial gains.

Taurus Horoscope 2018-19:

Possessing strong determination and a never-to-die attitude, Taurus people (April 20 - May 20) will have to be contented with mixed blessings in the year 2018 in the fields of love, business, career, married and family life, and health. According to taurus horoscope 2018, the year 2018 will thus be a year of relaxing, waiting for ripe opportunities in future, and making one's best performances. For love marriages, the middle spells of the year 2018 will be very suitable. For professional achievements and growth, the most supportive period will be from March to June 2018. On health front, Taureansrequire to take special care between April and August 2018.

Gemini Horoscope 2018-19:

Rational and eclectic Geminis (May 21 - June 20) will have to be contented with the meager results offered by an average year 2018 in various spheres of life. The love and romance of Geminis will be the most prosperous field in the year 2018, time from February to May 2018 will be very favorable to development of new love relationships of them. Time-spells from July to August 2018 will be requiring proper care of health. Again, as per gemini horoscope 2018, the last quarter will be very productive in professional career. On business and finance fronts, periods from May to November 2018 is expected to remain slack and unproductive.

Cancer Horoscope 2018-19:

For Cancerians (June 21 - July 22), as per the general cancer horoscope 2018, the year 2018 is expected to be moderately productive in the majority of life's spheres, but smooth sailing will surely be present there. Professional career of individual Crabs will be regularly thriving during the first three quarters of the year 2018. But, the periods from May to September 2018 will require proper care and concern towards the married life and health. The most probable health ills are headaches from time to time, insomnia, issues related with generative organs, piles, etc. Hence, the Crabs are strongly advised to remain patient, hardworking, and tolerant, along with controlling their natural objectionable characteristics of being pessimist in adversities, sentimentality, and excessive possessiveness, throughout the year 2018.

Leo Horoscope 2018-19:

The general leo horoscope 2018 says that the spheres of career, business, married life, and family life of Leos (July 23 - August 22)may not be very rich and prosperous in the year 2018. However, gains and growth in the fields of love & romance and health are expected to be quite comfortable and satisfying. For better outcomes on career and business fronts, Leos are kindly warned to keep a check on their characteristic arrogance and domineering nature. Both the new love relationships and the existing love relationships of Leos will be thriving without hindrances in most spells of the year 2018. Only the middle spells of the year 2018 will give rise to some health problems related with stomach, muscles, shoulders, etc.

Virgo Horoscope 2018-19:

Ruled by planet Mercury, and famous for being rather rational and perceptive, Virgos (August 23 - September 22) will be relishing peace and success in the fields of love, business or career, married life, and health in bulk spells of the year 2018. The virgo horoscope 2018 for health, however advises them to take the necessary care for their respective health throughout the year 2018; Virgos who have been suffering from any kind of physical or mental debilities will require to take more care. The most likely health ailments to Virgos in the year 2018 will be related with stomach, blood pressure (low), and food poisoning cases.

Libra Horoscope 2018-19:

Ruled predominantly by planet Venus and element air, articulate and charismatic Libras (September 23 - October 22) will be very lucky in the year 2018 to reap a rich harvest in nearly all main arenas of life including business or career, love & romance, married life, and family life. The astrology reports based on the general libra horoscope 2018 further advises them to become circumspect regarding their health (from May 2018 onwards) and finances (particularly between April and August 2018). New business ventures or partnerships are likely to be profitable to Libras in the year 2018. The most likely health problems to them could be injuries to head & shoulders, sex related problems, lung problems, or cardiac problems.

Scorpio Horoscope 2018-19:

Eminent possessing for strong determination and dutifulness, Scorpios (October 23 - November 21) should better expect just a normal and moderately fertile year 2018 in various fields of life, including business, love & romance, professional career, married life, health, and the familial life. The career scorpio horoscope 2018 also points out that, the last quarter of the year 2018 will be very favorable for promotion in their respective career and salary hike, and a general betterment in various other fields. The most likely health ailments to Scorpios will be blood disorders, eye ailments, general fatigue, headaches and body pains, and injuries to legs or shoulders.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018-19:

According to the general sagittarius horoscope 2018, though the bulk parts of the year 2018 will not be very productive and favorable to Sagittarians (November 22 - December 21) in various life's areas, they can manage the situations smoothly and comfortably by dint of their natural good traits. According to Sagittarius business horoscope predictions 2018, time-spells up to September 2018 will be favorable to their respective businesses, and the last quarter of the year 2018 will be quite dull and infertile. The second half of the year 2018 may offer problems like troubles related with teeth and eyes, sexual organs, injuries to leg or face, etc. Spheres of love relationship and married lifeshould be made bereft of misunderstandings, suspicions, and other untoward things. The first three quarters of 2018 will be progressive in professions, retarded mainly from April to August 2018.

Capricorn Horoscope 2018-19:

Ruled predominantly by Saturn, Capricorns (December 22 - January 19) will have to remain patient and contented in year 2018 with whatever they could achieve in various fields of life. The general capricorn horoscope 2018 informs them in advance that only low to moderate progress and gains are likely in their respective business or career, love life, married life, and finances. The last two months of the year 2018 are quite conspicuous as being gracious to their respective married life. Again, time-spells from May to November 2018 are prone to ailments like insomnia, tensions and stresses, high blood pressure, headaches, viral fevers, injuries to head and shoulders, genital disorders, ailment related with migraine, etc. Good and constructive natural qualities of Capricorns will certainly be of great help in sailing smoothly through 2018.

Aquarius Horoscope 2018-19:

Honest, intelligent, and innovative, water bearer Aquarians (January 20 - February 18) will be very successful and fortunate in the year 2018, in the fields of professional career or business, married life and family life, health, and love & romance. However, the aquarius horoscope 2018 strongly warns them to keep strict control over spoiling qualities like arrogance, domineering tendencies, and misunderstandings. Keeping due care of health is advisable to prevent ailments like insomnia, general debility with blackness under eyes, heart and blood disorders, general weakness and lethargy, and sex-related ailments. Professional careers of Aquarians will meet promotion and recognition, salary increments, praises from seniors and peers, and lusher job pastures; but, they must deal prudently and patiently with dirty office politics, and envy from peers and seniors.

Pisces Horoscope 2018-19:

The year 2018 will be an average year for Pisceans (February 19 - March 20), but their hard work and certain characteristic admirable qualities (such as intelligence, honesty, optimism, etc.) will surely be very soothing and supportive in various aspects of life, namely, business or profession, health, love and marriage, married life and family life, etc. Based on the general pisces horoscope 2018, it may be firmly stated that their efforts made in the first three quarters of 2018 will be giving positive and beneficial results and gains in the last quarter of the year 2018. Health of them will be demanding care to alleviate or prevent the general fatigue, stomach problems & ulcers, outburst of temper, emotional shocks, etc. in times throughout the year 2018.

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