Marriage Astrology or Marriage Prospects Report by Astrologer Ankit Sharma

The marriage astrology report reveals all minor to significant pieces of information related with the marriage, fiance/fiancee, and the status of married life of the person concerned. Thus, the marriage astrology report or marriage prospects report is undoubtedly immensely useful and securing to peoplein connection with their respective arranged marriage or love marriage.

This webpage provides exclusive information about the marriage astrology or marriage prospects report by astrologer ankitsharma, and the various benefits and securing facts obtainable from such a report, in order to get married soon, or live a married life happily. During last two decades, our guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma of India have helped myriads of nubile people and lovers in getting married quickly and/or leading a happy and prosperous married life, in India and countries worldwide.

Such a critically important report related with marriage and married life of a person (male or female) is prepared using the birth charts or horoscopes of the two persons concerned, i.e. proposed for marriage. For preparing this report, each and every astrological element and factor related with marriage and married life of the person is examined and analyzed. Along with an all-inclusive astrology report on these topics, our guru ji also states wise comments on specific cases, together with the measures to improve undesirable things.

What Marriage Compatibility Report Contains for You?

Marriage compatibility report offers almost all significant things related with one's marriage, future husband/wife, and the married life. In case of certain problems or disturbances, solution measures are also taken based on this report. Sovereign astrology solutions for various problems related with marriage and marital life are also available separately from our guru ji.

The following are the answer to what marriage compatibility report contains for you, to enlighten and secure you:
  • Approximate time-duration for your marriage in future
  • Basic and ultimate information about your future husband/wife
  • Compatibility with your married partner
  • The general status of your married life, and the major problems likely there
  • Relationships with your in-laws
  • The likely number of children
  • The status of wealth and luck in your married life
  • Causes delaying your marriage, if you are still unmarried
  • Matters related with your marital bliss and domesticity
  • And, many other things related with your marriage and marital life.

In Vedic astrology, a marriage compatibility report can have a maximum score of 36 points/gunas. For a score below 18 points, the proposed marriage is not advisable. However, our astrologer guru ji of global acclamation and popularity can provide astrology-based measures for facilitating a marriage and also for building a happy and stable married life, under such cases also, particularly when the marriage is a love marriage.

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