Love Marriage Compatibility Report by Astrologer Ankit Sharma

The marriage compatibility report is advisable not only in the cases of the arranged marriages, but also in the cases of love marriages and love inter-caste marriages. The marriage compatibility report forecasts all about the harmonious stability and marital prosperity of the married life of the two persons concerned. This webpage tells all about the globally popular love marriage compatibility report by astrologer ankitsharma of India, to make the married lives of people better and happier.

The love marriage compatibility report is significant enough to decide the possibility and future of a love marriage of the two proposed partners. The strength of this compatibility is calculated on a scale which ranges from 1 to 36 points or Gunas. Determined using the birth charts of both the persons concerned, a compatibility strength or compatibility quotient of above 32 is considered very good for the marriage match, while a strength of below 18 points/gunas is not acceptable for the proposed marriage. Hence, our grand astrologer guru ji of global acclamation advises to utilize this marriage compatibility report also for the love marriages, in order toknow about and take necessary measures for the likely problems in the married life of two love partners in future. During last two decades, numerous individual persons and families of the world over have utilized the marriage compatibility report of our guru ji, to make the married lifeof their respective person harmonious, succulent, and prosperous.

What Love Marriage Compatibility Report Contains for You?

This section offers many other useful pieces of information related with such a report, besides the information about what love marriage compatibility report contains for you, to help lovers and their respective families of the world over. Astrology-based and other remedies are also provided by our guru ji, to make the married life of two love partners peaceful, hassle-free, and ever-lasting.

A love marriage compatibility report considers all those elements and factors which affect the qualities, actions and reactions, and relationship between two persons in married life who were love partners before their marriage. In general, the parameters which encompass all these elements and factors, are the following:
  • Emotional and Intellectual Compatibility
  • Physical Compatibility
  • Wealth & Luck of Their Union
  • Longevity Compatibility
  • Allure, Harmony, and Progeny in Their Married Life

Based on analysis of these parameters, points are assigned to any compatibility report. Here, it must be noted that for compatibility score of below 18, strictly not advisable is a peaceful and long-term relationship between the two love partners, unless some rigorous measures to mend the things are employed. The score between 18 and 24 is considered as showing an average compatibility for relationship. Here, it must also be noted that, essentially required are erudite learning, high precision, and long service expertise, for preparing such a compatibility report.

Thus, with support of the love marriage compatibility report prepared by a renowned and reliable astrologer, like our veteran and world-famous guru ji Ankit Sharma, a person in love with someone may know in advance the future of their love life and married life, along with the measures to make their married life happy and lasting. Lovers having their compatibility score below 18, may receive efficacious measures from our guru ji for this purpose.

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