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Second Marriage Prediction in Astrology

True and reliable predictions related with the second marriage of a person are obtainable based on any of the following these broad means --- the (full) name of the person; his/her date of birth (DoB); and his/her birth chart (birth horoscope). Broadly, these all useful and marvelous bases are vital constituent parts of the opulent marriage astrology or the second marriage astrology at large. The second marriage predictions thus obtained have been helping, securing, and blessing the myriads of people of the world over since ancient times. Our world-famous Indian astrologer-cum-numerologist Guru Ji Ankit Sharma Ji has alone helped and benefitted millions of people seeking their respective second marriage in last three decades, who belonged to continents across the globe, and diverse ethnicities, races, religions, financial positions, and occupations.

But this webpage deals exclusively with the second marriage prediction by Date or Birth (DoB) or the Name of the interested person. For getting authentic predictions related with the second marriage based on the birth chart, please visit other webpage of this website which bears the relevant title. These predictions cover the possibilities of a second marriage, the most compatible partner for second marriage, tentative timing of the second marriage, and the overall status of a second marriage to any desired partner.

Second Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

For making the second marriage prediction by date of birth dob, the numerologists generally obtain the following two specific Numbers based on the numeral digits existing in the date of birth --- the Birth Number (or Birthday Number), and the Life Path Number (LPN). These Numbers are being illustrated below, giving an example. Consider a case in which a person born on 15th January 1985, wants to know things about his/her second marriage. In this case, the Birthday Number of the person is 6 (obtained by adding the digits which exist on birth date, as 1+5 =6). Further, the Life Path Number of the person is calculated as fellows --- LPN is obtained by summing up subsequently all digits which exist in the date of birth, until you get a single digit number or a master number. Thus, the LPN of this person will be (1+5+0+1+1+9+8+5 = 30; which is 3+0 = 3) 3. Now, based on these two Numbers the following conclusions are derivable ----

Besides these, many other vital pieces of information can also be obtained from the Date of Birth of a person regarding his/her second marriage and marital compatibility in future.

It is generally found that people with Birth Number 8 (born on 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month) are often fall prone to second marriages in life. Again, people with a Life Path Number of 4, 5, or 6 are more likely to face a second marriage in life. And, people belonging to any of the following Zodiac Signs, are more likely to make or accept a second marriage in their respective life --- Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

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Second Marriage Prediction by Name

Similarly as above, some precious disclosures related with one's second marriage can be obtained based on the full or short Name of a person. For making predictions based on the Name of a person, the numerologists assign certain numerals to various letters of the English Alphabet, following any specific system of numerology. In general, the following three are the most prominent systems of numerology calculations in the present world --- the Pythagorean System (Western), the Chaldean System, and the Kabbalah System.

The following three most significant and revealing Numbers are obtained from the full name of a person for making his/her second marriage prediction by name, using any above systems of numerology --- the Expression Number (also called sometimes as the Destiny Number); Soul Urge Number (or Heart's Desire Number); and the Personality Number. The soul urge number takes account of all vowels in the full name; while the personality number counts all consonants present in the full name. For giving an example for elucidation, these Numbers are calculated as follows for the full name of AMIT KUMAR, following the Chaldean system ---

		A   M  I  T                            K    U   M   A   R 
		1   4  1  4                            2     6   4    1   2 
		(10; or 1+0 = 1)                    (15; or 1+5 =6)   ----------- When added together

Thus, the Expression Number of the person is (1+6 =7) 7. The Soul Urge Number will be (1+1+6+1 = 9) 9. And, the Personality Number will be (4+4+2+4+2 = 16, which is 1+6 = 7) 7.

According to numerology, this man with Expression Number 7 should seek a woman with any of the following EN --- 1, 3, 4, 8, or 9, for making a second marriage. Additionally, this Amit Kumar with a Soul Urge Number (SU Number) of 9, will be most compatible with a female with a SU Number of 2 or 6.

Similarly, these Numbers for other Names can be determined, for making numerology predictions related with the first or second marriage. In general, according to the name numerology, people with Expression Number (EN) 5 are most compatible for love & marriage with people with any of the following EN --- 1, 3, 4, and 8. The persons with SU number 1 are most compatible with partners having a SU Number of 4 or 8. And, a person with SU Number 5 can be most intimate conjugally with a partner holding a SU Number of 3 or 7.

Who is the Best Second Marriage Prediction Astrologer in India?

Rather eminent worldwide, and well-settled in Chandigarh (India), astrologer-cum-numerologist Ankit Sharma Ji is massively estimated and admired as being a most jubilant and best second marriage astrologer in India and the world. In last three decades, he helped, secured, and settled happily millions of people and families of the world over, in connection with the second marriages. These beneficiaries pertained to diverse ethnicities & races, religions, ages, financial conditions, societal sections, and economic fields.

This, an enormously popular, highly renowned, and a best second marriage prediction astrologer in india and the world, offers predictions based on the full name, or date of birth, or on the birth chart. However, he prefers to provide predictions based on all these three bases or means, in order to make the predictions maximally accurate, trustworthy, and beneficial. Besides the first and second marriages, all other spheres of life are adroitly served by this great Indian astrologer at liberally moderate costs.


🌈 Which are other means of marriage predictions, besides the birth chart?

Astrology deals with planets, their movements, and their specific good and bad effects on human life. On the other hand, numerology makes studies on numbers and their influences on human life, in order to unravel mysteries and solve life's problems.

🌈 Are second marriage predictions based on numerology reliable?

Yes, surely. Numerology offers these predictions based on the full name and date of birth of the concerned person. These two particulars of a person have been naturally decided by the destiny of the person, and these are immutable.

🌈 Who is a famous marriage prediction astrologer in india and the world. And how to contact?

World-famous Indian astrologer-cum-numerologist Ankit Sharma Ji, who is well-settled in Chandigarh. Meeting cozily in-person or processing swiftly online, both the means are available for receiving his services. Direct Call or WhatsApp him +91-98154-18307


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Meenu, Bhopal (India)Late Marriage Problem Solution

Hereby, I (Meenu) express my sincerest thanks to great astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji, for solving my marriage problem, and thus, making my troubled and solitary life happy and wholesome! Guru ji, you had suggested me to wear a blue sapphire and a pearl, to expedite my marriage, some 3-5 months ago. Your solution has really been very successful, and now I am living with my husband congenially and happily. Thanking you and your organization again!

Krishna and Rama
Krishna and Rama, London (England)Marriage Problem

Thank you very much Ankit Sharma Ji! We are very grateful for your expert assistance in facilitating our marriage. We had lost all hopes compelled by the continual problems specified, but you gave us faith and effective marriage problem solution, using which now we are finally getting married! We are lucky that we got to know about you, best astrologer in UK, and we highly recommend your services!

Dimple Kandial
Ms. Dimple, Delhi (India)Love Problem

I came to know about Ankit JI on internet and After consulting with AstrologerAnkit Sharma ji about my Love Life's Problem. He guides me very positive solution about my problem. I don't have words how much i am happy now! Once again Thanks a Ton Ankit Sharma Ji, you really share your knowledge to Help People.

Dimple Kandial
Miss Shalini, Jabalpur (India)Love Problem Solution

Guru Ji Astrologer Ankit Sharma, you do deserve my deepest thanks! Your expert help has changed my life from a sore and gloomy one to a happy and bright one. Now, my love partner (Amit) has really become very accommodating and compatible with me, and cherishes to live a harmonious and succulent life with me. This miracle is nothing but a shining testament to your great capabilities!

Ms. Muskan, Lucknow (India)Married Life Problems

I must thank astrologer Ankit Sharma for making my married life peaceful, harmonious, and quite progressive! After few years of my marriage, my husband had begun to react rather rudely, in response to my domestic or prudent questions and opinions. My familial life was started becoming uncomfortable, distressing, and gloomy, due to wrong and reckless behavior of my husband. Then, I knew about and met guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma, to seek any effective and sure solution for my married life problem. After knowing all about my birth (date, time, and place) and the problem encountered, guru ji gave me a curative gemstone and suggested to make donations on Saturdays. After few months later, calmness and harmony started cropping up at home.

Ms. Sangeeta, Kolkata (India)Family Problems

Expert astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji deserves my deepest thanks, for having solved my family problem in a short duration of just few months.Around one and a half years after our marriage, likes and attitude of my husband had begun to change, and go against those of mine. My in-laws too were supporting my husband. They all were just trying to suppress me to bring me under them, listening and obeying only them, despite they were in the wrong in many ways. When I met Sharma Ji, he pacified me assuring that he would surely solve my family problems. He demanded the birth chart of me (Sangeeta), looked into my palms, and asked some questions related with my problems. After observing and analyzing all things, he suggested a gemstone (Hessonite Garnet) along with chanting regularly a mantra. Just 10-15 days after, my familial situation started changing to a comfortable and harmonious one. Today, I am quite happy with my husband and in-laws, and their understanding with me is ever-improving!!

Ms. Leena, New Delhi (India)Carrier Guidance

After examining and analyzing my natal chart, pandit ji astrologer Ankit Sharma had told that the most promising career for me would be as a teacher. At that time, I was very interested in the field of information technology. He had also said that he would give me some astrology-based measures to brighten and propel my career as a teacher. After my consent, pandit sharma ji had given me a yellow sapphire, along with a suggestion to make donations on Saturdays. I did follow his advice, and today, I am a prestigious and happy lecturer in a private college in Delhi. Lots of thanks to great astrologer Ankit Sharma! I will remain grateful to him always!!

Kavita Adhikari
Ms. Kavita Adhikari, Dehradun (India)Love Problems

Yes, I have achieved my lost love back!, with adroit and admirable support of grand astrologer Ankit Sharma. Guru Ji, I heartily praise your high capabilities and kind behavior; nothing is difficult for you to solve!! Thanking you and always!!! Anybody who ever wants to lead a happy life, pls must contact astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji ASAP!

Mr. Ajay, Baroda (India)Business Problems

Revered Guru Ji, I am Ajay from Baroda (Gujarat), the depressed garment merchant who had consulted you last year! Guru Ji, today I am very happy with a peaceful and sharp mind and a booming business of readymade garments! Your astrology-based solution has really made wonder!! The good and favorable results had become conspicuous just about 2-3 months after wearing the two gemstones (Blue Sapphire and Emerald) which you had suggested. I thank you sincerely once again, and always!!

Miss Amisha, Mumbai (India)Love Problem

Guruji has truly transformed my life through his blessings on me..i was facing severe depression as I broke up with my love who meant life to me. We were together from last 6 years, then due to my silly mistakes I almost lost him. There was no scope of getting everything sorted but then I contacted sophisticated astrologer ANKIT SHARMA and everything came on track...anyone who is facing problems, please contact him and get rid of your problems. The best thing about him is he never gives up and fulfils his commitments. I'm feeling blessed and lucky to be in contact with him. He is like a family member to me now.

Kajal Agarwal
Miss Kajal Agarwal, Mumbai (India)Love Relationship Issue

“ Biggest Thanks to this Incredibly Revolutionary man !!!!!
Yes, he is a Marvelous. I was going through the most depressing phase in my love relationship, my guy stopped talking to me and started drifting away for no reasons, this was killing me everyday, i went for lot of remedies for 1 month, wasted lot of money but nothing turned him even an inch towards me. Still remember that 7th Feb when i first spoke to Ankit ji. He promised me that right in 10 days I would say thanks to him (astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji) for pulling me out of deep depression. Trust me, it actually happened, i met my guy on 15 th Feb, we decided to re-start our relationship, my depression was 95% over mainly because of counselling and remedies from ankit ji. He understands every individual soo beautifully and correctly that we don't do ourselves. He gives both mental and amazing astrological treatment. He is a savior for me, an angelic friend, my guide for life, my healer and my mirror i can talk to about any problem of my life, the power he invokes in us is beyond all the remedies we do. He talks confidently and knows seriously what he talks as he fulfills all his commitments.

I'm slowly building better relationship with my guy. Ankit ji always says one thing that we have to win no matter what, and the best about him is he never suggested me any unethical way to solve my problem. Today i feel i have a protective shield for life in the form of ankit ji.

Please please please, anybody who ever wants to lead a happy life, pls do contact this miraculous man! I can't explain what changes i m seeing with every passing day in my love relationship. It's unexplainable, so thanks to my Almighty for all the help and for sending an angel like Ankit ji in my life.

Thank you Ankit ji for brightening up lives of millions of people. Fortunate are those who are able to reach you and receive your solutions.

Ms. Seema, Kolkata (India)Relationship Problems

Thank You Pandit Ji, Very Much! I feel confident and hope that everything with me will be fine from now onwards. You are no less than an angel to me. I, once more, must say that after receiving your service, my relationship with my partner, has improved substantially, and I hope that, we are prospering towards complete harmony. Thanks for everything. Every word seems little in front of your great capabilities and benevolence. Thanking you again, and always!!