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Can Astrology Change My Destiny?

To some extent, Astrology can surely help in changing one's destiny. The whole destiny of a person can only be changed by God. Any well-learned, insightful, and sophisticated astrologer can only suggest effective preventive measures or remedial/beneficial measures, to make the life of the concerned person easy and successful. However, following strictly the advices of any astrologer also matters. Hence, it can strongly be stated that astrology can help immensely in changing one's destiny, but the active thoughts and deeds (collectively called as Karmas) of the concerned person in the current/present life also play a crucial role in changing the destiny. The section below, offers exclusive explanation/clarification about how does astrology help in changing one's destiny, to enlighten and serve people of the world over.

Comprehensive and meticulous astrological analyses can reveal lots about the past life of a person, things and events of his/her present life, and many things about the next birth of the person. The destiny or fate is mainly the default settings (of specific good and bad qualities and results of deeds committed in past lives) with which a person has come to the earth in this (present) incarnation. According to many renowned and legendary astrologers, sages& saints, and spiritual people, many things (changeable or flexible things) of the destiny of a person may be changed and improved through astrology-based measures, to offer him/her a better and happier life in various spheres. In light of these facts, it may firmly be said that everything of life is not immutable; many things of life can be changed, mended, or refined through sincere and honest adaptation of relevant knowledge, thoughts & deeds, and behavior in general. In other words, everything of life is not predestined, there is an existence of the "Free Will" also, which can act as the motive force for changing one's destiny to some extent, or crafting one's better future in this present life. Presence of more than one thought/desire in all of us in almost every context, fortifies the existence of the freewill, and also that all things of life are not unchangeably predetermined or predestined. Hence, the perfect and unbiased answer to the question "can astrology change destiny?" is "yes", but to some extent only. If changing the whole destiny would be possible through astrology, then each one in the world would have been equal, and there would have been no diversity in the world. Here, it may be just cited that it was unchangeable destiny of Alexander the Great to die in Babylon by poisoning, as he could not avert going to Babylon despite strong and prewarning predictions by astrologers that he would certainly die, if he went Babylon.

How Does Astrology Help in Changing One's Destiny?

The ancient and well-tried-and-tested science of Astrology, which is called as 'Jyotir Vidya' in Sanskrit, meaning "the science of light", has been a magnificent treatise of immense potentials and probabilities for making lives of people better and happier, holding the great credit of having changed bleak lives of myriad kings, businesspersons & professionals, and people in general, so far. Vedic astrology can offer solution measures, advices, and guidance for transforming your gloomy life into a bright and prosperous one, based on your birth chart or horoscope.

A birth chart (also called as the Natal Chart) is an esoteric map of information related with the past lives of the native, his/her destiny in present life, and a schedule of events which will be unfolded throughout the present life of the native in various spheres of life. These all pieces of precious and revolutionary information are to be discovered through analysis of the various elements and factors present in the birth chart, including the presence of specific Zodiac Sign in each house of the chart, location and nature of every planet in the chart, and formation of diverse good and bad yoshas or yogas in the chart. Certain paranormal and inexplicable vibrations and forces affect every individual depending upon the positions which the planets take at different times. During the course of life, the native is affected differently based on the planetary positions at the time of his/her birth. It may be noted that, the contents of the birth chart would be different, if the native was born in the same time but in a different place in the world.

According to the majority of profoundly learned and legendary astrologers and spiritual people of the world over, the Karmas (effects of all thoughts and deeds made in past lives, and also in the present life so far) may broadly be divided into the following three categories --- Fixed (Dridha) Karmas; Flexible (Adridha) Karmas; and the Mixed (Dridha-Adridha) Karmas.

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Having won many exalting, prestigious, and dignifying awards and recognitions during his decades-long very successful and constructive career in astrology, our guru ji has solved or eliminated almost all types of problems and obstacles pertaining to various spheres of life. So far, the most served fields of life through his ingenious and unmatched astrology services, have been the following ---- businesses & professions; relationship between husband and wife; health ailments; education and career selection; love & romance; investments and new business ventures; family and domesticity; relations with kith and kin; all types of marriages, including love marriages and inter-caste marriages; foreign tours & travels; struggles and failures in careers; kundli making and matching for marriage; horoscope predictions over the interested field for the specified duration of time (say, six months, one year, five years, or lifetime); and other significant fields of life.

Thus, on the whole, after getting knowledge and services from our world-eminent astrologer guru ji, any person being troubled by a problem relating to any above field, can surely make his/her easier, better, and happier, and thereby change his/her fortune and destiny to some extent.

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🌈 Can Astrology change my destiny?

Yes, astrology can change your destiny. Your life is governed by the movement of heavenly bodies and their consequent effect on life situations. Hence, when a problem arises you can contact a skilled astrologer for elimination of the negative effect of the planets.

🌈 What kind of astrology services are provided by best astrologer in India, Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji?

Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji has been offering expert astrological services for helping the worried and anxious people. Over the past 20 years he has helped thousands of suffering people worldwide. He offers astrology solutions for the problems like:

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🌈 How can I contact best Astrologer in India Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji?

The suffering people can easily contact guruji with the following contact details:

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🌈 Is my personal information safe with guruji?

Yes, all the personal information of the clients is safe with guruji.


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