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Which Position is good for Ketu in Horoscope?

There are times when you will eventually see success and gain very often. In contrast, there are chances that you might even see windfall coming from some unexpected sources in the next few days. This shows how unpredictable life is when Ketu enters your horoscope and sits in the undesirable house. As a matter of fact, these ups and downs would definitely unveil the effect of Ketu in life since you are getting affected by its negative and positive facets. To grasp which position is good for ketu in the horoscope, you will have to take the guidance of an astrologer. A skilled and adept astrologer like Ankit Sharma Ji is probably the right person to direct you on a favorable path. If needed, he will give you the desired remedies before any unfavored incident occurs and leave any immoral footprints on your lifestyle.

This is the high time to know what is there in your natal chart and how gravely you are getting influenced by ketu best position in horoscopes. To tell you the truth, Ketu is not actually a planet with a physical identity, but it is a snowman of energy. The human tendency always believes that Ketu has a negative impact on our lives. But it is not always harmful and thus also brings positive energy if placed in the best position.

The two realities which you might not know about Ketu.

Ketu's Best Placement In The Birth Chart

Ketu's best placement in the birth chart will be shown when it is glimpsed in the 3rd, 9th, 6th &12th houses. All these houses have their impact on people's life. Our skillful and experienced Guru-Ankit Sharma Ji, also the best astrologer in India, helps various people in their extremely tough times and gives advantageous solutions that bring them prosperity and good health by placing the Ketu at its right position in your Janam Kundli/Birth Chart. Having your birth chart analyzed by our extremely competent Vedic astrologer will help you win over your troubles for sure. So, you are one of those lucky champs who know him and are getting an opportunity to get your horoscope analyzed.

By contacting Guruji, you will be able to learn more about Ketu, its bad and good impacts, ketu's best placement in the birth chart, and how to solve all your problems in a jiffy. Since it's not easy to understand Ketu's game plan as it has no boundaries and rules. So do not be anxious, as Ankit Sharma Ji deals with such problems every day. You can get in touch with him via Direct Call/WhatsApp at +91-98154-18307, or email info(at)AstrologerAnkitSharma(dot)(com).

He assures to unravel all your issues without any judgments and aids you with the finest remedies to whatever obstacles you are undergoing because of Ketu and other planets in your Janam Kundli.

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