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Which Planetary Combination in a Female Birth Chart Gives a Handsome and Caring Husband?

Who would not want their husband to be caring and handsome? Having a charming husband who understands you well could solve 90% of your married life problems. Do you know there is a specific planetary combination for a handsome husband in a female birth chart? Let's have a look. As a whole, there are 12 houses in a birth chart, in which the 7th house represents marriage. So, in the 7th house, the more beneficial associations there are, the happier a married life will be. Now, we will be discussing some yogas for a handsome husband which will blow your mind and amaze you to the core.

Yogas For a Handsome Husband

Astrology is one such Vedic science that has rational answers. From marriage, career, job, money, relationship, and business to love issues, it profers resolutions to everything with proof and shreds of evidence. Here are a few yogas for handsome husband; check them out and grasp unique information that is lesser heard.

Marriage astrology also provides a way to understand the characteristics of a spouse. It depends on how much you know about the nature of signs and planets. For example, the beneficent sign in the 7th house and its lord indicates a loving husband who will be soft and calm. If the 7th house and its lord occupy a malefic sign, the results turn upside down, indicating a rude husband who will be aggressive and would not care even if you are miserable.

Nevertheless, different planets indicate different characteristics; Saturn shows stubbornness, whereas the sun indicates rudeness & wealth, and the moon indicates beauty, and so on.

The position of karka, lords, or planets in the 7th house of your birth chart depends on your birth time and place. The best marriage astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji can have a look at these details and explain to you in detail about the characteristics your spouse may have. You can learn about the healthiness of your future married life too

The best marriage astrologer is always known for his absolutely precise forecast and psychic reading that can help your marriage life become more prosperous and harmonious. He can also provide solutions for tribulations you have had in your married life for ages that you thought would never be resolved. So, without any further ado, sit on your couch, take a deep breath, and book a slot before you get late with the most astounding astrologer- Guruji Ankit Sharma. He will have your back and give solutions to each such difficulty which are making you saddened and disheartened inside out.

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