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Which Planet is Responsible for Unhappy Married Life?

Needless to say, some planets create havoc and chaos in marriage and bring about unbearable husband-wife relationship problems. Not only this, but these planets also ruin love connection and produce misunderstandings and difficulties among the love births too. There are thousands of couples who can eventually feel those negative vibes and already sense that their precious relationships are on the verge of breakup.

It is sad but true. Some signs may reveal that you both are sad, dissatisfied, and heartbroken. Since an unhappy married life slowly and steadily begins to leave terrible footprints. These symptoms could be-

If you are experiencing any of these alarming signals, then do not push yourself back; instead, take counseling with the best astrologer in india. It is always advisable to give a second chance to every marriage. As you both have taken seven sacred vows and promised to be together forever. So why not begin a new life and give your marriage a fresh start? Sounds great, by all means.

In essence, there are a lot of possibilities that might be affecting your married life fully and partially. What you need to do is- find out different ways which can sort out your worries and crack all your complex riddles. How about choosing astrology remedies for happy married life to preserve your treasured love affinity? It indeed is a good idea. Since there are many unwanted things that may be affecting you and your spouse, such as certain planets, specific sun signs/zodiac, etc. So it is important to check the horoscope, your natal charts, and birth details to understand the astrological intricacies deeply.

The most significant is to validate the planets' movements in your Kundli and Birth Charts to thoroughly grasp what is causing the unhappy married life. As the blend of certain planets might be responsible for creating mental, physical, and financial destruction in marriage and relationships.

Prior to discerning which planet is responsible for unhappy married life and creates husband wife relationship problems. Do you know which all planets make a healthy, lovable, and harmonious relationship? Venus and Moon are liable for passionate, loving, and intimate connections as well as successful marriages. However, all planets have separate and diverse roles as all attributes are necessary for a relationship to work these days.

Now, if we speak about which planet is indeed the most dangerous and threatening, then, in planetary combinations-

These three deadly combinations are often responsible for unhappy married life, separations, divorces, and relationship breakups. To put it briefly, in the universe, Mars, Uranus, and Saturn, when conjoin with Venus, create a mess in one's love life and marriage relationship. Apart from these planets, the role of Ketu (Neptune) in your Kundli/Natal chart has a major influence due to its dreaming power. Confused? Let's clear the suspicion. Usually, a relationship fails when you lose confidence, and a sense of doubt develops between the pair. In case of doubt, you begin thinking unnecessarily about the person, eventually spoiling the relationship. If Ketu influences more than 50% of the active D9 planet at any position, the dreaming effect comes into the picture and triggers, affecting the connection/ relationship.

What Astrology Remedies Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji Suggests for Happy Married Life

Before jumping to the conclusion by yourself and deciding which planet is/was/will be creating problems on your own. We recommend consulting Ankit Sharma Ji- the best astrologer in india, for all your love obstacles and marriage muddles.

There is a list of different astrology remedies for happy married life, and it depends upon how intellectual the astrologer is and how accurate his cures are. When it comes to Guruji, he follows a unique technique to render amazing solutions with no side effects.

He keenly learns about the husband wife relationship problems and accordingly proffers simple-to-do herbal remedies at affordable prices. Since he is an expert and got many years of experience, therefore, the combination of planets, their influences on the couples, and what sacred therapies should be given to the duo would be more comfortably explained by him in detail.

In a word, for all your husband wife relationship problems or the issues of an unhappy married life, Ankit Sharma Ji- the best astrologer in India, has the super keys to resolve each hindrance with the help of top-quality astrology remedies for happy married life.

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