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Which Astrology is more Accurate? Vedic or Western Astrology?

People have been practicing astrology since time immemorial to know about their future. However, India is famous for astrology; the roots of study date back to the second millennium BC in Babylon. Today, people practice two versions- Vedic astrology and Western Astrology. However, there are significant issues to understand which is more accurate, and you can choose to follow the same. For this, first, you need to understand both concepts.

Vedic astrology: Jyotisya is the Sanskrit name for Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology, which means a person loosely translating to "light or heavenly body." The term first appeared in Rigveda, which is an ancient Indian text originating around 10,000 BC.

Western Astrology: Western astrology originated around 500 BC with the concept of the development of the Zodiac. Western astrology revolves around an imaginary sphere surrounding the earth that follows the path of the Sun throughout the year. Western astrologers split the Zodiac into twelve sections, each named after a specific constellation noted in the area.

Before you choose between the two divisions of astrology, you need to understand the significant difference for future predictions. The first important difference is the use of different calendars. A vedic astrologer calculates the charts using the sidereal system, looking at the changing constellations. On the other hand, Western astrology bases its charts on the tropical calendar of the four seasons. The second is the focus on two different paths. While Vedic astrology tends to focus on an individuals' life path or personal dharma, Western astrology is focused more on the psychology of an individual. The third is the difference in approach. Vedic astrology utilizes particular aspects and exerts more importance on the rising sign. In Western astrology, on the other hand, all the planets share the same element.

Since Vedic astrology considers a moon-based system, it is more accurate. Pt. Ankit Sharma is the best astrologer among Indian astrologers, as he offers a fast and precise solution. For several years, people worldwide have sought assistance from him and appreciate him for providing the best astrological solutions. If someone requires his help, the person can connect with him over the call or book an appointment for a face-to-face meeting for resolving their problems and making crucial life decisions.

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