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What is Astrology?

Astrology or Jyotish science is a very age-old form of science rooting from ancient India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words Jyoti meaning light and ish meaning God. Hence, jyotish is translated as 'light of God'. It is an essential science which deals with the past, present and future of the people. Astrology has been in use for a long time to know about the future and to over come present or future hurdles.

According to Indian astrology, at the time of birth of a child its birth chart is prepared. A birth chart is basically the paper on which the position of planets in the twelve houses is noted. It is made by taking into consideration the date and the time of birth. The position of the planets is said to influence the life of the individual throughout his/her lifetime.

To Know How Does Astrology Work You Need To Know It's Following Elements:

How Astrology Helps to Resolve Life's Problems?

Astrology has been governing the lives of people since a very long time. It has been used extensively for making life happier and peaceful by removal of all the hurdles. If you are looking for a genuine and trustworthy astrologer to make your life trouble free, then consult world famous astrologer ankit sharma ji will be a top-class option. He has been engaged in removing hurdles from the lives of people for more than 20 years, and he has an impeccable track record.

Based in Chandigarh, Punjab, our best astrologer in india has been helping the people all over the world, suffering due to various issues in their life. The suffering clients has to provide his/her birth chart to our esteemed babaji and then he examines it understand the position of the planets in the different grahas, hence their significant impact on the individual's life. Then he provides solutions to eliminate the impact of the planets. These solutions are swift and completely harmless, and available at very low cost.

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