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The 4 Most Common Love and Relationship Problems

Most couples, if not all, confront ups and downs in their respective relationships. No matter how loving or understanding you or your partner may be, arguments or misinterpretations seem unavoidable. These conflicts are not necessarily harmful and can signify that you still have a lot to uncover about each other and a possibility to make the relationship more emphatic & healthier. No relationship is perfect. All marriages have flaws, and fights are expected to happen from time to time.

Let's get into the roller coaster of understanding the darker parts of coupledom, like arguments, fights, and problems. After all, without the dark, we wouldn't have the light!

  1. Do You Have the Fight Again and Again Over the Same Topic? : Research says that- 70% of marriage conflicts are never solved. Yes, 70%! That means we often have the same fight over and over again.
  2. No Time to Listen to Your Partner:- How many of you do not give time to your loved ones? Sometimes, we do not feel like speaking to our partners. We wish to be isolated, alone, and independent of enjoying our 'me-time.' There are times that we are inactive and not enthusiastic to see our loving mates. And this can strain the relationship.
  3. Lack Of Support From Your Spouse:- Many couples take things for granted in a relationship and fail to give the support they urge for. They do not bother with the partner's physical, mental or emotional troubles, still with great hope that the problems will just vanish by themselves.
  4. Are you the one who doubts? :- Our lives are full of anxieties, insecurities and tensions. These aren't good or bad, but they just are. There are people in relationships and marriages who usually doubt the other! If you are the one, then your life is at stake; you rather read the paragraph below to acquire a love problem solution.

Is It Possible to Solve my Love or Relationship Problems by Astrology?

Most couples are going through a series of problems and hardships. There are some issues that are too difficult to solve on your own. And then, there is a need to really ask for the professional help from a good counselor through love astrology.

The best love astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji, Ji has over 20 years of research with over 4,000 married couples worldwide. He calls these unresolved issues' gridlocked', which means a situation of very intense traffic congestion. In another way, it is one of the common love and relationship problems that comes up for a couple which cannot be resolved smoothly and devolves typically into a nasty argument. He found that every second couple comes up with the same.

He also reveals that- this is actually good news. Why? If we have similarities or patterns in our fights, we are not alone, and we can study, predict and course-correct our arguments before they explode with the help of a reputed love astrologer around the town.

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