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What Do You Do If Your Parents Forcing You to Marry In Same Caste Boy/Girl But You Are In a Relationship With Someone In a Different Caste Boy/Girl?

There goes a popular saying that birth, marriage, and death are out of anyone's control. People may scoff and say that love and death are sure, but marriage?! That should be within one's control, surely! Well, sorry to disappoint, but marriage is indeed out of our hands. In matters of the heart, one can never say what may happen!

Within Indian society, marriage is especially important since there are several things associated with this. Traditionally, people would marry exclusively by the will of their elders, but as society has progressed, we see ever-increasing numbers of love marriages. Love marriages are not always the happiest, though! Oftentimes, the parents of one side or both sides may oppose the union. This can be for different reasons, but the commonest one is caste problems. Most parents would like their wards to marry within their caste. However, what is caste when there is love in the equation? It is something that cannot be simply turned away from. This is why we are going to enunciate today about intercaste marriage and intercaste love marriage problem solutions.

What Can Cause Intercaste Marriage Yoga In Kundali?

Before we get to how to get parents' approval for intercaste love marriage and resolve the matter, let us get to know why such things occur. After all, nothing occurs if it is not written in the stars. Astrology simply tells us how to read the planets and stars, but the truth is that certain things are inevitable.

Hence, if you indeed are in love with someone from a different caste, rest assured that, in the first place, it was definitely meant to be. However, why does this happen? Well, the topic of caste is not very well explained in the ancient scriptures. In ancient Vedic society, the Varna system was mostly used to determine a person's occupation rather than a medium of segregation.

Having said that, the idea of marrying a person of another caste has elements of being an outsider. Put simply, if you are marrying outside your caste, astrologically, it simply means that you are marrying an outsider or outcast in some way. Thus, anything to do with something that is out of the box or against convention is definitely an effect of Rahu's influence.

If you are in love with someone outside your caste, inevitably, there is a direct or indirect influence of Rahu on your 5th house. If you are also deciding to marry the person, this would imply that the effect of Rahu has impressed upon your 7th house as well, the house of partnerships.

However, simply because it is Rahu does not mean that it is something bad. Rahu simply represents all that is against tradition. Contrary to the popular belief that Rahu is all bad, Rahu can bring great wealth and prosperity as well. It is completely dependent on the placement of Rahu.

Nevertheless, at the same time, the fact that you are facing opposition is also an effect of Rahu. Rahu tends to create disturbance wherever it is seated. If indeed there is an influence of Rahu on your 7th house, opposition or problems while marrying is inevitable.

How Can You Convince Parents to Approve of Inter-Caste Marriage?

In the tenets of love marriage astrology, there are several remedies to remove opposition to marriage. The first thing to understand is which planet is causing the problems. Once that is detected, offering Aradhana and puja to that deity can reduce their negative effects to a large extent.

One can also opt for astrological remedies such as gemstones to reduce the effect of the negative planet. Each of the planets has different stones associated with them, and depending on the erring planet, your astrologer will prescribe the relevant gemstone.

If that is not affordable, though, there are other remedies as well. For instance, depending on the parent who is opposing, whether it is the father or the mother, you can offer puja to either the Sun or the Moon. The Sun and the Moon are natural signifiers of the father and mother. For the Sun, doing Surya namaskar can help to improve your relationship with your father, while offering water to the Moon on Purnima can help to ease the tension with the mother.

Apart from this, the natural signifier of love, spouse, and marriage is Venus or Shukra Dev. Observing fast on Friday and offering puja to him can not only help to improve your love life and relationship, but it can also smoothen the way to marriage.

You could also observe a fast on Thursday, which is the day of Jupiter, the Dev Guru. Jupiter is known for getting people out of a tight spot. He is the bringer of divine blessings in one's life, so if you wish to succeed in something you desire, praying to Lord Brhaspati can bring positive results as well.

Who Is the Best Love Marriage Astrologer In India For Inter-Caste Marriage Problems?

So, now you know the basic things you could do, but if all of this fails, you can still get what you want. For that, you have to speak your heart out with a professional expert in these matters, and who better than the best love marriage specialist astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji?

He is a veteran in these matters, owing to his years of experience dealing with marriage and family matters. He has helped several couples get married despite opposition, and they are leading happy lives today due to his intervention. If you want a similar solution to your problems, be sure to consult him, and he will surely provide the appropriate solution!

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