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How do Love and Relationship Problems Originate from Partner Expectations?

Thinking broadly and speaking frankly, the majority of problems to the love and relationship of two lovers occur internally incited by their mutual interactions, understanding, and expectations. While the other problems and hurdles to their love relationship are caused externally by the familial, occupational, or social factors. This concisely written blog gives exclusive information about how do love and relationship problems originate from partner expectations, and also about the expert love astrology solutions for all such problems ever occurring in love life.

The conjugal love, affinity, and relationship are basically and ultimately the matters of close mutual understanding & transparency, adjustment & adaptability, empathy & cooperation, generosity & respect, and unflinching loyalty. Both the love partners should deeply and firmly understand and give due importance to these vital facts connected with love relationship. The expectations from each other are also closely connected with these core elements of love, harmony, and sustainability. Deficiencies or flaws in these matters or negligence to these, are generally the causes of the bulk of internal disputes and obstructions in between the love partners. Here, it may also just be mentioned that other causes of relationship problems occurring internally between two lovers may relate to personal characteristics, financial matters, outlook & lifestyle, and ambitions in life.

The mutual expectations are the part and parcel as well as the lifeblood of the love relationship between two lovers. Hence, in order to make the love relationship happy, satisfying, and sustainable for lifelong, these expectations should be satisfied as much as possible by each love partner. However, it must also be noted at this juncture, that there exists no limit to expectations and desires in this world of fathomless avarices, pleasures, luxuries, colors, and ambitions. And, on the other hand, resources are often scarce in life. Hence, it is always the best to live within one's means, constraints, and circumstances, and keep up striving for better pastures.

Unrealistic Expectations

The unrealistic expectations from the other love partners often end in disgust, disappointments, and depressing discontents. Hence, unrealistic hopes & expectations are unwise, not advisable, and should be rigorously averted in love relationship, and also in the relationship with other people. These expectations are uncertain to be met, compelled by many personal, financial, familial, occupational, or social constraints or circumstances. Desiring or demanding something difficult, unaffordable, or unethical; or expecting unreasonably excessive sacrifices or commitment from the other love partner, are the examples of unrealistic expectations.

Actually, such unfeasible, capricious, and impractical desires and expectations are caused mainly by the unbridled emotions and psychological impulses. According to Vedic astrology, the bad or negative influences of afflicted or corrupted Moon, Rahu, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, or Venus, could be the motive for such emotions and impulses in any person. The mean conditions in some houses of the native, or presence of certain doshas in his/her birth chart, can also be the reason behind the occurrence of such unrealistic or excessive expectations (or whims) from the other partner.

Unclear Expectations

Suspicions, ambiguities, doubts, misunderstandings, and misconceptions are utterly spoiling or even fatal to love relationship. All matters and things between two love partners should be clearly stated & understood, transparent, and taken with honesty & responsibility. Keeping one's stand, views, opinions, and policies unambiguously clear and crisp towards the other love partner, can certainly discourage or prevent unclear expectations by the other partner (him/her). On the other hand, each love partner should handle the desires & hopes of the other partner with utmost care & concern, mildness & maturity, and collective responsibility. Anything secretly cherished or implied but not stated openly or clearly, is an unclear expectation. Also, expecting things vaguely, impracticably, covertly, selfishly, or excessively can be the reason for unclear expectations.

As per astrology, afflicted conditions in the houses of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 12th in the birth chart can give rise to such unclear expectations in the native. Again, the debilitated, constrained, or corrupted Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Rahu in the birth chart of any lover, can also support such expectations of him/her from the other love partner.

Who is the Best Love and Relationship Problem Solution Specialist Astrologer?

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Lastly, this, a leading and best love astrologer in India and the world, offers only few keenest measures for solution to the said love problem, after thorough analysis of the birth chart of one or both the love partners. These curative and helpful solution measures generally include the following : gemstones; any vedic mantra or yantra; and specified worships and donations. Both the online processing and meeting in-person, are available for getting solutions.

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