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How do I Deal with a Doubtful Husband?

Women often have to face problems in their marital life in some form or the other. At times, it can be that their in-laws are troublesome or meddlesome, or it can also be on the part of their husbands. Perhaps, one of the most problematic things to deal with is when your husband is not trustworthy. It may not be for any fault of your own. You may be completely honest and loyal, and yet men may be doubtful. Not only is that an insult against your integrity, but it can also cause problems and disturb the peace of the marriage!

So, how do you deal with that? Well, we are here to tell you about the things that may be causing this sort of behavior on the part of your husband, as well as how to deal with a doubtful husband if you have one. So, let us get right into it!

What Planet Causes Tendency to Doubt in Husbands?

The truth is that the tendency to doubt is not limited to husbands. Wives can be doubtful as well, as you all may know. This alone should tell you that it is a generic problem, and thus there must be a cause to it. Well, let us look at the problem from the point of view of astrology.

Whenever we talk of behavior, which is an element of the mind, the first thing that we must look into is the status of the Moon in the person's chart. The Moon is the natural signifier of the mind and a person's mentality. If the Moon is afflicted in some way or the other, the person will inevitably remain mentally disturbed and may even show abnormal behavior.

Depending on the kind of planet that is afflicting the Moon, the effect can be different. Since we are talking of doubtful tendencies, the easiest way to afflict the Moon that way is Rahu. Thus, if Rahu is aspecting the Moon or is in conjunct with the Moon, the person is very likely to have doubtful tendencies. Rahu naturally causes such tendencies, even on its own, depending on the house in which it is placed. If it sits along with the Moon, it is sure to cause so.

However, even if the Moon is stable, other planets can cause such tendencies as well. Saturn is another potential candidate for this sort of behavior. As a rule, Saturn naturally distances people from their close ones, which in turn leads them to think ill of others and doubt the intentions of even their well-wishers.

An afflicted Mars is another possibility, but only in rare cases. An afflicted Mars does cause abnormal behavior, but that behavior is generally violent, as opposed to doubting. Nevertheless, if the other planets are afflicted as well, it can give rise to doubt as well as violence.

What Houses Can Cause Husband To Doubt?

Speaking of the houses, a sure-shot way to understand your husband's tendency to doubt you can be found in the 2nd house. The 2nd house, among other things, signifies the mouth. If a person is doubtful, the person is bound to be non-communicative as well. Thus, an afflicted 2nd house can lead to communication problems, which in turn causes a person to doubt.

Even the Lagna, which basically signifies the entire personality of the person, if afflicted, can be a reason for such behavior. Rahu, the natural benefactor of doubt, if sitting in the Lagna, is sure to cause the person to be doubtful. However, the person will be doubtful in general and will be suspicious of everyone, not just their wife. If this behavior extends only to their wife, then there is sure to be a problem in the 7th house or with the Lord of the 7th house. For instance, if the Lord of the 7th house is Moon, and Moon is influenced by Rahu, the person is bound to be doubtful of their partner. An affliction in the 5th house can also lead to such behavior since the 5th house corresponds to passions and emotions. If Saturn or Rahu is seated in the 5th house, in a not-so-happy position, the person is bound to be emotionally doubtful.

Thus, you can see that doubtful behavior can arise from a number of causes, which is why you must consult with a capable enough astrologer if you are peeking a proper solution.

Where Do You Get the Best Relationship Problem Astrology Solution?

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