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5 Major Signs You're in A Dead-End Relationship, Even If You Love Your Partner!

When you are in a relationship, you have a strong bond of love and understanding with your partner. Like every relationship, you relationship must have also had its fair share of ups and downs. But if the downs exceed the number of ups, then is a worrisome situation and you need to understand that it might be a sign of a dead-end relationship.

A dead-end relationship is basically a relationship in which in spite of seamless love shared between the partners, still it does not have a future. This situation can be caused due to love and relationship issue with your partner which has reached beyond discussions or due to other factors. Hence, if you are feeling something missing in your relationship, start looking for the red flags or the signs.

Provided below are 5 major signs of a dead-end relationship, which you need to analyse carefully to save yourself from a dead-end relationship:
  1. Boredom/ unhappiness - If you do not enjoy the time you spend together as a couple, or if you are not at ease when you are with your partner, it might be the situation that this relationship is heading nowhere, as you both do not prefer each other's company anymore.
  2. Immature behaviour - This situation arises when only one of the two people in the relationships is always taking the lead in doing anything for both of them. This case is also valid when one partner just completely shudders off any responsibility and puts everything on the other. This makes the other partner irritated and frustrated, which leads to the realization that carrying on is waste of time and effort.
  3. Ignoring flaws - A relationship starts when we find someone with all the good thing we are looking for in our partner, but of course no one is picture perfect. In an attempt to idealizing the relationship, we ignore the problems/flaws in our partner, and this leads to adjusting to their misbehaviour and nonchalant attitude. All this ultimately irritates you and you start questioning the point of your relationship!
  4. Persistent fights - If you are in a relationship which involves frequent arguments on trivial to serious matters, it means your thought and ideas are not in same pattern. This kind of bond is very harmful for the mental peace of the suffering partner and often end up soon.
  5. No future goal of togetherness/commitment - This situation has lately emerged as the most common issue in relationships, with the partner being in love for a long time by still not committing for a future of togetherness. This causes immense pain and suffering to the other partner who wants security and surety in the relationship.

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