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Only You, Me and Christmas Tree � Get Your Crush to Like you Back

Astrology Case Study No. 10 - Only You, Me and Christmas Tree - Get Your Crush to Like you Back

Julia had first seen Adam at a friend's Christmas party, and she could take her eyes off him. He also had his attention on Julia. They were speaking through eyes in the entire party, but none could muster the courage to initiate talking. When the party was over and everybody was heading home, Julia realized her purse was left inside the house, she went in to collect it when she saw Adam alone by the Christmas tree. Adam had seen her coming and came up to her to ask her out for a date. She was thrilled to hear it and agreed to meet near Big Ben, London. She was thrilled and had butterflies in the stomach the whole week again as she imagined his lips on hers and was excited for the day, she was to see him. She just couldn't keep calm, pampered herself the whole day to look her best in the evening. Then she finally reached the destination before time and stood near a Christmas tree which she considered as her lucky charm. But minutes converted into hours and he didn't turn up. She called him and he casually replied that he forgot. She was deeply hurt, and she cried her heart out. She wanted to get him in her life but didn't know what to do.

Seeing her miserable condition, her friend Andy introduced her to Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji, who swirled her life around. Using his effective lover astrology solutions, she got Adam back in her life and this time he was completely in love with her.

Like the case of Julia, even you can get your crush fall in love with you. Contact astrologer Ankit Sharma now in UK, to write an amazing love story!

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