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Astrology Case Study No. 21 - Me and My Empty Heart all Alone in my Bed ( Get Your Love Back - Deepali and Pratap )

Astrology Case Study No. 21 - Me and My Empty Heart all Alone in my Bed ( Get Your Love Back - Deepali and Pratap )

Deepali was a very bubbly and talented girl. She was academically sound and had a lot of medals on her name. But being too engrossed in her studies and work, she never realized when she became an introvert and shy person. She found it difficult to talk to a new person and felt left out in parties. She had almost lost confidence in herself and felt her life had become meaningless and melancholic. One day at an office party, a new joinee Pratap approached her for a dance. She first hesitated, but then she thought of giving it a try. He talked to her about his life and asked about her life. He made her feel comfortable and made her laugh with his stupid actions. She was so elated being with him that she ended up spending the whole evening with him. The sparks of liking were from both sides; hence they exchanged numbers to meet again for a coffee date. She fell in love with him, and his heart also skipped a beat whenever he would see her in office. Slowly she regained confidence in herself and started becoming more social. But in this happiness and newfound friends, she started ignoring Pratap a little. It hurt his feelings so badly that he left the office and blocked her number.

By the time Deepali realized her mistake, he was gone. She loved him but took him for granted. All she wanted was lost love back anyhow. She started searching for solutions everywhere, and then she came across the website of love astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji. She felt he was genuine and contacted him to get my love back love relationship problem solution quickly. He gave a powerful solution, within some time Pratap came back in her life and proposed her for marriage. Like Deepali and Pratap, you can also get a perfect love partnership for eternity with the assistance of esteemed and experienced love astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji.

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