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Astrology Case Study No. 33 - Love always wins (A Story of Pooja and Gautam)

Astrology Case Study No. 33 - Love always wins (A Story of Pooja and Gautam)

Pooja and Gautam met at a birthday party of one of their mutual friends and since then both had a soft corner for each other. Both of them started chatting on social media and eventually fell in love. Their relationship went smooth for over 6 years and they both decided to get married. Pooja belonged to a conservative family and she knew her family would never allow her to marry Gautam who belonged to a different caste than hers. Both of them struggled hard to come to a solution for this problem and marry each other. When Pooja finally decided to tell her family about Gautam, she was nervous and afraid of how they would react. After telling everything to her mother, she was disheartened because her mother strictly denied supporting her and asked her to leave Gautam. When she discussed it with one of her close friends, she suggested her to take some astrological help from an astrologer. It is then when Pooja and Gautam came across the website of astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji and were highly impressed by the services he provided to people.

As soon as they reached him to seek help, they could see the differences as Pooja's mother asked her to meet Gautam and know more about him. The wonderful services provided by astrologer Pandit Ankit Sharma Ji helped the love birds to unite and marry each other. Both the families accepted them and now, they are happily married and thank Pandit Ji for their gracious help.

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