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Astrology Case Study No. 23 - If you love me let me hear you ( Love Misunderstanding Solution - Shobhita and Jayesh )

Astrology Case Study No. 23 - If you love me let me hear you ( Love Misunderstanding Solution - Shobhita and Jayesh )

Shobhita has recently shifted to a new city due to job transfer. She rented an nice and cozy apartment and was settling her stuff, when she met her charming and sweet neighbor, Jayesh. He not helped her move heavy stuff but also made coffee for her to relax. Shobhita liked his nice gesture and was awed by his handsome muscular and chiseled appearance. They became friends very soon and would hang out together on weekends. Shobhita didn't realized when she fell in love with him. He proposed her for a relationship with a beautiful setup in home, which made her feel extremely special to her. They were deeply in love and shared strong bond. But one day his friend showed a picture of her with a guy in restaurant. Jayesh was shocked as his trust was broken. He didn't confront her and broke up straightaway. She asked her the reason several time and even apologized for hurting him in any way. But he blocked her from everywhere and shifted to his friend's apartment. Her love life was shattered due to a misunderstanding and she was dying to get him back.

She searched online for solutions, where she came across Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji website. Sad and suffering, she called him and told him everything. He calmed her and then asked for few details of the guy. Then he asked her to chant a specific mantra for given time. Within few days Jayesh came to meet her and they sorted their misunderstandings. Like them all problems in your love life can be resolved with solutions of expert love astrologer.

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