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Astrology Case Study No. 17 - He Comes Alive in Every Night, How can I Forget Him ( Lost Love Back Chinmay and Ashvin)

Astrology Case Study No. 17 - He Comes Alive in Every Night, How can I Forget Him ( Lost Love Back Chinmay and Ashvin)

Chinmay was in college when she first met Ashvin. He was her senior and had a brilliant personality. He had sharp features and a chiselled body, with an adorable smile on his face. Chinmay felt a strong attraction towards him and just wanted to be with him anyhow. Her dream came true when they were paired together for a project. They started talking and texting. She found him completely irresistible, so she finally mustered the courage to ask him out for a coffee. When he said yes, it was the best day of her life. She danced around in her room and had butterflies in her stomach. He looked very handsome on the date, and she felt lucky to get his attention finally. They talked about their lives, likes, dislikes, dreams and a lot more things on the date. It was a fantastic date, which ended with a soft kiss. She felt a connection and thought a relationship was shaping. But she got a shock when he completely ignored her the next day. She tried talking to him about the date, but he shuddered it off as a casual thing. She was deeply hurt and felt heart-broken. Every night she would think about him and missed him even more than before.

She was utterly hopeless, so she searched for a reputed love astrologer for assistance. She contacted esteemed astrologer Pt. Ankit Sharma Ji and discussed her issue with him. Our benevolent guruji calmed her and asked her for her birth chart. He analysed it, for understanding the negative impact of the planets on her love life. Then, he provided solutions, using which Chinmay finally got the love and attention of Ashvin. You can also get your crush in life, with the efficient services of our learned and experienced love astrologer.

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