Sampurna Karyesu Yantra

Sampurna Vivah Sukh Yantra
Sampurna Karyesu Yantra
5999 + Courier Charge (India)
$80 USD + Courier Charge (Abroad)

As its very name implies, this immensely auspicious and securing "Sampurna Karyesu Yantra" is very supportive to the desired progress and achievements in diverse areas of the professional and commercial spheres. This miraculous and fabulous Yantra has been ingeniously developed by our globally acclaimed astrologer Ankit Sharma, to alleviate troubles and adversities of people of the world over. This easily affordable and divinely energized Yantra is immensely potent to conjure away all your professional and commercial ills and hassles!

Benefits of Sampurna Karyesu Yantra

The following odd varieties of problems, misfortunes, and hindrances can swiftly be mitigated, solved, or eradicated with grace of this elusive Yantra:
  • Slack and Uncertain Business
  • Payments Not Coming on Time/in Full
  • Bleak Commercial/Professional/Financial Conditions
  • Not Finding Right and Bright Employments
  • Slow Career Growth
  • Business/Professional Rivalries
  • Scarcity of Increments/Promotions
  • Abrasive Relations with Colleagues or Employer
  • Losses Due to Unexpected Business Competitions
  • Uncanny Domestic Unrest/Discomfort
  • Rising Debts
  • Scant Monetary Gains and (Sudden) Heavy Expenditures
  • Unstable and Poor Financial Situations
  • Perfect Plans Offering Meager Outcomes
  • Diminishing Bank Balance and Treasury
  • Less or the Least Success or Growth in Business/Profession
  • Risks associated with Business Ventures/Professional Investments
  • And, many other undesirable, unfortunate, or ruinous occurrences in Occupational and Commercial Life.

For Whom & How to Use?

  • Both Men and Women can avail alike the great benefits of this boon-like yantra.
  • The divine and esoteric powers of this yantra minimize the ill-effects of Karmic heaps and blockages, to pave the way for your success and prosperity.
  • One of the most impressive qualities of this yantra is that it can easily be carried with yourself or installed somewhere in your home, office, company, firm, etc.
  • Moreover, there is no necessity to worship this yantra, through Puja or Hawan, etc. Within just Three Days of its usage, you will start witnessing the positive and constructive influences/results of this wonderful yantra.
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