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Does Horoscope Really Tell the Truth About Future of Our Life?

Astrology and horoscope has been used in India and abroad from ancient times to determine the ups and downs of life, thus getting aware and prepared of the upcoming events of life. Though used prominently in the past, this form of science has immense significance in the present times as well. Some of our present generation youngsters might brush it away as hoax, but there are millions who believe in the daily, monthly, yearly horoscopes and abide by them.

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What is Horoscope and Astrology?

Horoscope is defined as the chart or diagram that is used to represent the position of planets, moon, stars, and other astrological aspects atthe moment of the birth of a child. It is often used as a method to determine certain events related to certain point of time and it is the base of the astrological predictions.

The astrological chart is prepared from the planetary positions of the zodiacs. These calculations are based on the date, time and the place of birth; which is the reason each horoscope is so personal just like a person's fingerprintto some extent.

Are the Predictions in Horoscopes Real?

Astrology is the part of Indian Dharma-Shastra and now many universities are offering master and PhD level courses in astrology. Therefore, doubting it authenticity is futile. But it requires years of study and contemplation to become worthy enough to do predictions. Every prediction done under this form of science is based on the factors including Desh, Kaal, Paristhiti and other certain factors, along with the underlying fact that no astrologer can be 100% accurate about predictions due to the vastness of this subject. Though, maybe two astrologers may come to same conclusion about the calculative part of a horoscope, but the interpretation of every astrologer may be different.

The viability of the horoscope can be proven by the knowledge of our highly evolved and enlightened sages, who could see and predict the planetary position in the period when there was no scope of the modern technologies. When the charting is done by genuine professional, it is thoroughly done with deep insight, which brings out a real time interpretation of life events.

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